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Mosca - High Rise (Music Inspired By The 1975 Novel By J.G. Ballard)

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Mosca is an old friend and talented synthesist from Scotland, whose name is much more recognizable for acid and techno pursuits. However, for High Rise, his first release under the Mosca name in ten years, he arrives with an hour of beatless and pure analog synthesizer drone music. Subtitled "Music Inspired By The 1975 Novel By J.G. Ballard", the contexts and reference points these recordings make are immediate and obvious - Ballard's novel being one both dark and violent, but also deeply analytical of the modern world, of technology (and the apathy that often follows its conveniences) and of the corporate vision for humanity. Mosca uses these themes as a sharp edge to drive his intense analog sweeps forward, evoking all manner of emotional disconnection and social decay in their wavering and lonesome monophonic voices. High Rise is the pulse, the stripped-bare heart beating inside cold stone and metal structures, and combines the often clinically sterile landscape of synthesizer music and hardware fetishism with the desperation and critical world-view of Ballard's enduring ethos, elevating these recordings to something not quite a score but more than unguided improvisations, something very "other." 

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