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Khotin - Finds You Well


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New release tomorrow (25th September). Nice collection of tunes. A sort of mix between Freescha, early BOC and AM Boy.

If you like any of those artists, you'll probably warm to this album.



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9 hours ago, species8472 said:

loved his last 2 albums - looking forward to checking this out.

New tab and Beautiful You are indeed both excellent. And from first listen, ivory tower here is sounding great.

Also don't miss his mix for libramix, which was particularly noteworthy.  Its LM077 here> https://www.libramix.org/

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On 9/25/2020 at 3:09 PM, joshuatxuk said:

Thanks for the heads up fumi. I've loved just about everything I've heard from this producer, def a standout among his other lo-fi house peers

more than welcome.

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