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  1. who's sergio edit: oh, AF guy, i guess. still can't locate a last name or musical alias, though
  2. actress - karma & desire aphex twin - manchester '19 fb audio autechre - sign & plus autechre - ae_live 06-08 cylob - 54 minute mirage cylob - live 060708 cylob - one less pitch dgohn - undesignated proximate ignatius - bundle drift ep jodey kendrick - ftp & wtflol rtr - planetx squarepusher - be up a hello heh, true. boiled it down a bit \/
  3. i'm hype af. isn't the '08 tour basically fabled around here? what's the deal with that tour? sean and rob decided to do some of their best work live and not record it, or something? like it was a totally new composition? am i making that up?
  4. seems like an amazing send-off from the dying era, where you couldn't just look things up, and people lived smelly lives of not knowing what the fuck. the millenials emerged on this planet like "what is happening?" us elder millenials bridge the divide, and witnessed the transition. trump stands as a perfect, towering statue, exemplifying, to an astounding extent, exactly how wrong and fucked a human can grow to become. it honestly seems like he just set the controls for the heart of the sun and committed to perfecting the example, knowing something is wrong, but also that he is old, and
  5. my poetry interpretation: commentary on climate change and the state of democracy.
  6. eh, multiple reasons. still think it's cringey, but don't need to weigh in on the world stage of watm
  7. i see what you mean by distraction, like it's unfortunate that the biden admnistration may need to bear some political cost for simply adhering to principles of justice, and spend energy and resources. i think we are seeing exploitations of of a systemic vulnerablities, so it's appropriate to address them there are a handful of rats, but there are multitudes of good folks. would be cool if we can increment the sanity of the congress, so we can maybe scale down the consequence of the presidency, and its role, and do a real system upgrade. we all need to work on the sanity of the
  8. tracks 3-5 on one less pitch don't fuck around
  9. russia conspiracy geeks or those with interest may find this thread useful. high-level summary on flynn situaton, as trump prepares pardon.
  10. it's a grower. i'm now really enjoying it. looking like it will be my favorite puscifer album. spacious sound, easy to listen through. and yeah definitely divergent from the josh eustis era and early stuff, which was more technoey, but watmm appreciates bowie, i think. this kind of reminds me of him. maynard singing in a higher register and less growly, maybe. i think it serves him well, if i'm not imagining it.
  11. for the counts of obstruction that mueller detailed, alone, over a thousand former federal prosecutors said trump should have been indicted. that's a lot of federal prosecutors. https://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-berwick-parker-trump-mueller-obstruction-justice-20190530-story.html it's going to be a big question, and it's not just one question. there are many crimes. biden is approaching it in the correct way. he's going to appoint an AG and then it's up to the DOJ to do what they do. it will be very interesting to see. i won't be surprised if he faces only manageable char
  12. r cazt reminded me of a reversed melody, so i tried it in reverse. sounded good so i put it on yt. put footage in and it came out kind of nice
  13. recipe websites are excruciating. it must be a requisite that the person prattle on exorbitantly before they get to the ingredients. that way, they can sandwich a video ad in beween every paragraph. then there are the popup videos. and authors with good recipes probably despise these sites and their formats so the recipes you get are mediocre shit with unnecessary ingredients and steps. and it's a huge industry so search results are clogged with a million of this shit. any recs? edit: nm google has me covered
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