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  1. you're right. maybe the russian machines will shut off one day. if we get the blue wave we deserve, they could end the electoral college and do good healthcare and weed and all that. it just seems like the sane thing to happen, people are pushing for it. it's just a matter of spreading the information. the information is all out there. it just doesn't reach the people.
  2. mary trump said she heard him use the n word. 43% approval rating. yeah it's an interesting point about how it won't be over and i've thought about that. but i hope it will be over and we can be like the sane countries. i think we just need to patrol each other and help people who need it. it's really just a lot of dumb shit.
  3. probably, for that to happen, enough preorders have to be in...
  4. ah, ok. it's not easy for people to learn how to check information and assess information sources. it's a long, personal process. but it's important. just don't nod your head or lend credence if he espouses a post-truth attitude. bad actors push to achieve that attitude in people, that's how they nullify truthful reporting that is inconvenient to them. never lend credence to post-truth attitudes. it's possible to dig out an accurate understanding of reality, however limited. ideas can be understood as neither true nor false, but rather as probabilities, contingent on the supporting evidence. it's important for people to learn how to do this. the basic practice you can recommend is checking info against different sources. people get the import of this, and the practice leads to the individual getting a more detailed picture of the conflicting info out there, which then gives them the opportunity to apply themselves to reconciling the disparities, if they choose. the nudge you can give is just to jostle them out of any sedentary bubble.
  5. hm, interesting. frequency is derived from amplitude. audio data is only 2 dimensions: time and amplitude. frequency is a result of change in amplitude. the changing amplitude values move the woofer, writing the information to the air as changes in pressure, which move out from the woofer in a sequence. the pressure changes are interpretted by the ear, which measures the sequence of changes in pressure. so, if i'm getting this right, the nervous system receives the data in it's derived state: frequency, because the ear measures change in pressure, which is change in amplitude, which is frequency. just realized that the mind and computers operate at different levels of sound. you're right though, the mind operates with the basic dimension of frequency (and time).
  6. climate.nasa.gov is actually a really good resource. at least he presents an argument to you, and it's one that you know is faulty. engage with the argument, as though it were a logical debate. don't just talk about other things and leave his bad argument unaddressed. an argument is a conclusion supported by premises. you can address whether or not a conclusion is strongly supported by those premises. it's way too common for people to actually adopt poorly supported conclusions as beliefs. society just doesn't expect that much from people, they get away with horribly supported beliefs. if his argument is that mankind couldn't possibly alter global climate, that could be refuted with easy and undisputed facts and data. specifically: the greenhouse effect. check out some pages on that, even wiki, and find a nice section that addresses the amount of atmospheric concentration it takes to impact climate. combine that with a chart of rising greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, and their levels. i think that should show him his error, if he is interested in being accurate. if he is unwilling to scrutinize the logic of a belief, then he is not interested in accuracy, and now the subject of conversation is something different. in this case, you can, if you choose to, address why he is willing to spread ideas that he has not scrutinized, and which are disputed. spreading misrepresentations is a major problem in the world, right now. disinformation is SHARED more than it is SEEDED. it is morally lacking to assert information, with no qualifier, if you have not adequately questioned and confirmed it, yourself.
  7. the substance of sound is a psychic substance. your experience of sound is not an experience of changing air pressure.
  8. nice, rubin. got me on a steadman tear Ralph Steadman: 'Trump is a lout. He's a godawful disgrace to humanity' https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/nov/01/ralph-steadman-interview-hunter-s-thompson-illustrator-retrospective-exhibition from 2017 though. seems we've entered a later phase, post-baby-trump. now he has tasted blood and decided that we are forcing him to break the place.
  9. if the designer has made it through these 40 pages, you did a great job. you may have heard of watmm's unusual initiation rituals for new objects of worship. we ceremoniously cover them with a solid layer of emotional excrement, until our reservoirs of loathing are adequately discharged. this is how we make room for new things.
  10. micro-organisms from venice are already here venusian cloud mushrooms, however, i think we should send elon for some
  11. new cylob one less pitch has old autechre sound, in places, kind of. and all 3 of the new cylob albums are really good and worth getting.
  12. people with cravings should get on the new cylob
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