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  1. this is an escalation, on the part of russia. taking out US troops is a big deal. classic GRU, easily caught. don't bother to mask their identities. putin feels desperate. americans want renewable energy. putin's whole organized crime infrastructure is kept afloat with oil money. they laugh privately about propping up the american GOP in order to prolong global warming and consequently improve the russian climate. putin is using intel to solve his problem because intel is the tool he knows, but his plan is crazy.
  2. the intel was high confidence. they had the bank accounts on both sides, and they had a guy delivering cash from one party to another. bolton briefed trump in person on this in march of 2019. trump is trying to weasel out. he's playing with the word "brief." it was in the presidential daily brief. he just doesn't read the pdb. 2 or 3 times a week he lets the intel team give him a verbal brief. he seems to be claiming that this information was excluded from those briefs. but there is no disputing that it was in the PDB, which he is supposed to read every day, but doesn't. remember this guy, from the house hearings? ratcliffe. he was recently confirmed by the senate to be trump's Director of National Intelligence. he was one of those house members like Jim Jordan of Ohio and Doug Collins of Georgia who have no shame in their anatomy and so are used as designated attack dogs, willing to go into sleazy lawyer mode and lay trash arguments with faux outrage in order to mislead the public. trump tweeted "Intel just reported to me that they did not find this info credible, and therefore did not report it to me or @VP". he's almost certainly talking about ratcliffe, who he apparently has named "intel." but "intel" literally just stepped into the job. and a guy like ratcliffe, you don't have to wonder if he would contribute to a cooked up narrative by using his own ignorance to allow him to say things that could then be misconstrued by the president. one of the big take-aways is the president doesn't read his PDB. he spends hours a day retweeting shit like white supremecist credos, instead. we've known this has been the case for a long time. and i don't believe that the information wasn't forced into his attention. like i said, bolton now claims to have briefed the president in person about this matter early last year. and i wouldn't doubt that briefers would highlight this in the verbal briefings, and i wouldn't doubt that ratcliffe would fail to assess the situation accurately, in order to supply djt with an excuse. the other big take-away is that it looks like he actually was physically informed, yet did not counter in any way, for many months. in fact he pushed for putin to be readmitted to the G7, and gave putin another wish-list item, US removing troops from germany. trump saying he didn't know... WaPo fact checker dept keep count of trump's lies since entering office. over 19,000, as of may. him saying something may be more likely to indicate its opposite.
  3. whoops. good post. the sun thing is cool and i was enjoying the ambient track. been interested in that spiral path of the planets illustrated in the second video. plato seems to describe something similar, described as the "spindle of necessity," in the last chapter of the republic. plato also has socrates saying the earth is a ball, when viewed from above, toward the end of the phaedo. seems like if you wanted to time travel, you would want to be aware that earth will not be where it is now. every second the solar system moves 220 kilometers in its orbit around Sagitarius A. which makes it even more interesting that plato mentions the spindle in the context of the 3 fates, representing the future, present and past. plato describes the spindle as extending from a circular plain, which describes the plain of the solar system. it's actually an amazingly accurate description of the solar system's shape in 4d spacetime. the 8 concentric "whorls" describe the 8 planets. though the full text includes some details that are not consistent.
  4. cut up the hq audio and gave it a good car listen. very nice stuff. umil live version is sour af. mini-live-set sounds awesome. it's cool because mini-live-set from manchester is much more composed, even though it was like a week later. although manchester is 20 minutes+ and more composed, the printworks version is still solid, and has a lot to offer, itself. printworks mini-live-set is like syro++. also the squarepusher unreleased track with stone in focus is cool, and the modular noise ending is really good. there was a redo of the manchester audio. the facebook upload, a couple months ago, had a different and clearer audio track. check the end of this thread: idk if YT has or will update to the newer audiotrack for manchester, but the original manchester YT audio was already really good
  5. i thought he was trying to lose in 2016. chris wylie's cambridge analytica book describes russian state operatives actively interested in the technology, methodology and the data sets being used to influence the US election with cutting edge voter targetting technology. those things were not strictly controlled by CA (really a sub-brand of SCL). SCL was moving fast and loose, and the methodology, technology, and data bled into other entities including russian state actors. now the methodology is out of the bag. CA was the beginning. the hope is that the immune response of the collective intellectual organism has been triggered, and hostile informational contagions can be fought back by a newly-urgent set of distributed norms for careful information handling. what an unbelievable train wreck fox news and the gop have brought on us. the train cars continue to pile, as fox and GOPers continue to smilingly redirect attention with falsehoods, knowingly, while coincidentally funneling cash into their pockets.
  6. so much better. original audio was so fuzzy with crowd noise. i was missing the delay tweak on prememory from SC. live mix is lush. mini live set ❤️
  7. all the more important for you to wear it. good job. you probably made a number of people think about it, and they will be more likely to wear one, next time.
  8. i really love when jon stewart surfaces, these days, with a concentrated distillation of his uniquely acute observation sounds like his new movie illustrates and explores the dangers of the current right-wing media/politician/funder amalgam. i'm very hype.
  9. 4 chan is the barrel if you want to be a fish in a barrel for manipulation, troll lord welcome to the late teenage years of the internet, in which the people who thought they were cool realize they've been being idiotic jackasses
  10. troll geniuses of the future, pouring gasoline on fires so they can take credit for the firemen, while secretly having wanted to just worsen the fire wow 4chan 8-dimensional chess wowowowowow i'm so savvy i never read real news but believe shit from 4chan. godtier
  11. he's just painful to watch, like clockwork. idk if something is specifically going on, now. i stopped tuning in during his hour.
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