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  1. i find it very noteworthy that greenberg wrote those letters. we don't know if stone instructed him to do so but i would suspect that stone or someone in that circle instructed greenberg to submit his pardon request in this form. this is very noteworthy because this amounts to trump camp seeking compromising material (kompromat) on elected officials, the obvious use of which is for leverage (blackmail). the letter drafts incriminated gaetz............. as greenberg was asking trump a favor......... he was providing evidence against a congress member.......... i'm sorry but this
  2. watmm receives an alien message decoding
  3. hm ok that would make sense. i was looking at the flash pattern in slow motion and later noticed similar flash patterns in planes so i could buy it
  4. uh Scientists Believe These Photos Show Mushrooms on Mars—and Proof of Life https://www.popularmechanics.com/space/moon-mars/amp36356445/mushrooms-on-mars-nasa-photos-life-on-mars/
  5. play it on shuffle for added generative
  6. Yeah I didn't edit that one. There's some good stuff in there though. i'm talking about political will and there being many futures. I don't want to keep shiting up this thread but I think you've got a tautological argument where you posit that the next 3 years will play out in a certain way and then argue, based on that assumption, "don't you agree that the next 3 years will play out this way?" Maybe we are both wrong. I can't say that he can't and you can't say that he can. We don't know what's going to happen. Maybe the correct way to say it is we will see
  7. are you an american citizen? do you grant him that immunity? are you conceding to the trumpist fight before they even have to make it? we have 3 years to set the tone and these conversations are the game in electoral activism. influence spreads exponentially when you strike something resonant so why not sound the argument for what is right? the political arena gets ugly and it's also really weird. there is influence and impact that is possible, particularly with the advantage of time. the idea behind this crazy beast of a government is that the politicians are supposed represent us. peopl
  8. i believe in conceding when one is wrong. it is an act of strength.
  9. it's a question of enforcement and semantics. if someone tells me i can't plant flowers in a stranger's lawn and i say "yes i can" and i do, without being convicted of trespassing, maybe we were both right.
  10. the fact that conclusions take proving does not mean that rules don't exist until enforcement happens. he is disqualified and congress should say so. here we agree but the original question was if he is disqualified and i don't think i've been proven wrong that he is disqualified, albeit while a detestable congress neglects their duty.
  11. re: @Satans Little Helper @Braintree as i said, i view it as a question of enforcement. here's an analogy. let's say the rules are that you can't lifeguard if you have one leg. i have one leg. am i disqualified? or do we wait and see if the beach owners enforce the rule? trump is disqualified because he participated in insurrection. if congress wants to subvert that constitutional amendment then that's another problem. edit: i don't really have 1 leg
  12. two thirds supermajority is a very high threshhold. to US political observers, getting 7 GOP senators to vote to convict is damning. it means he did it, in the world of reality, and serious people know that. if you've assumed that there is any formal connection between that vote and any upcoming 14th amendment vote then i think that's incorrect. it may come down to the party numbers in 2023. even mcconnell said trump did it.
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