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  1. the 2019 Arctic Report Card, a major federal assessment of climate change trends and impacts throughout the Arctic region, shows the arctic is possibly already a net emitter of atmospheric carbon comparable to the country of japan, due to thawing permafrost, accelerating climate change. the rate of greenhouse gas emission from melting permafrost will only increase, forming an accelerating feedback loop. https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2019/12/10/arctic-may-have-crossed-key-threshold-emitting-billions-tons-carbon-into-air-long-dreaded-climate-feedback/
  2. 2 articles of impeachment. abuse of power obstruction of congress draft form but i don't think they will change. they will probably vote them to the senate in the next week or two. the dems have their sights on the correct place, red state voters. they're keeping it simple for messaging. this gives dems a way to pressure the GOPs through their voters. the case for the ukraine articles can be made clearly and with lots of substantiation, and it's hard to muddy, even for some people living in fox news land. it also helps GOP constitutent support so they get freed up to do the right thing.
  3. i thought it would result in people actually reading the thread, which is interesting. the secret ballot in the senate would free senators to vote yes. making the vote secret only requires a simple majority, 51 senators. GOP has 53 in the senate so dems need 4 in order to win procedural votes. it would only take 4 GOP senators to trigger it. that would be a huge jump. right now dems need 20 GOP to vote to remove in the senate because that vote is super majority - 67. public GOP support for removal is almost nonexistant, but there are cracks. key word there is "public." recently retired Jeff Flake and others say that GOP would vote to remove if the vote were secret. it's just their team-playing that prevents them from voting for removal.
  4. vortrack sounding huge. i like where this is going.
  5. yeah. i've been spending way too much time following this stuff and even to me there is a lot of information to keep track of. GOP efforts to distract and mislead multiply the complexity. zelensky didn't want to bend. that's why trump needed to undertake a prolonged push to get him to do the corrupt behavior trump was seeking. zelensky was a comedian who ran for president on an anti-corruption platform. he expressed concerns to US officials, in early may, in a US embassy. the concerns were relayed to ambassador marie yovanovich, who testified to their content: zelensky said he was feeling pressure from the Trump administration to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. early may is also when ambassador yovanovich was suddenly dismissed. i think that's why trump brought the stuff up on the jul 25 call, with state and defense officials on the call. he was trying to make it seem less shady to zelensky. see? there's a state department guy on the call. ukraine struggles with significant corruption issues. it's former soviet union. russia tries to keep it corrupt, as a military objective. ousted ukrainan president yanukovych, who was chased from the capital and fled to moscow in 2015, (this is the guy manafort worked for), was a putin proxy. his successor, poroshenko, went down in a scandal involving russian-linked corruption. it doesn't surprise me that a group of ukrainian legislators have decided to do this. it seems like something putin would like. it's heartening to see that zelensky was saved from giving the cnn interview announcing investigations, by 2 days, because the IC IG alerted congress that the whistleblower complaint was being withheld and the white house released the aid. the truth got out. zelensky seems to have fought valiantly to resist putin/trump corruption. even as he seemed to have given in, arranging a cnn interview to announce investigations, he seems to have left himself a door to retain integrity. with the leveraged request from the US graced with state/defense dept legitimacy, he chose to use words like “assurances to run a fully transparent investigation” and "turn over every stone". that sounds like he was trying to leave himself the ability for the investigations to be begun but not to be unfair. that this is all dragged into the light is a profound illustration for humanity on the trajectory of civilization. look at putin. whenever you see him he is acting, he is trying to look like people who are admirable and have integrity. they are the people fighting him. putin is demonstrating the lie of the corrupt path. putin is a hollow shell, lying, cheating, stealing, and killing to maintain his facade, sapping the vitality of his country's people. this is what obama was talking about when he cut down this ethos at the funeral of elijah cummings. he landed a blow to the core of trump's being. it is interesting to see how this is playing out. the courts and the congress are establishing new patterns and precedents regarding these checks and balances between branches of government. the fbi has been required to handle grave and challenging investigations involving the system they exist within, which mueller, mccabe and others demonstrated how to navigate, both adhering to the constitution and protecting the fbi itself. a lot of talented and virtuous people have been activated and are fighting. accumulated human technology means we no longer need to fight over resources. the corrupt, deceptive, gangster mindstate is archaic, out-dated, and doomed. it seems that the scale of the climate crisis has collided with the scale of big oil power to result in this dialed-up manifestation of the human struggle for justice: the most extreme example of corrupt oil interests, a nuclear superpower mafia state primarily dependent on oil power, seeks to disrupt the democratic world so it won't disrupt its oil power. but yeah this will be used by certain right-wing elements to falsely say burisma is a high-prioriy corruption issue in ukraine.
  6. youtube and twitter have taken some action, at least. https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/300-trump-ads-taken-down-by-google-youtube-60-minutes-2019-12-01/
  7. user data can be a rather dangerous tool in the hands of authoritarians. zeynep tufekci is an excellent speaker on the topic
  8. some are saying it's looking like trump is throwing rudy under the bus, which could make it easier for giuliani to flip on trump. trump's been asked about giuliani's instructions to others regarding ukraine and trump responded "you have to talk to rudy about that." that's exactly what he said when people asked him about the criminal charges that cohen was facing, and trump's involvement, before cohen went to prison for them - "you have to speak with michael about that." sondland, the EU ambassador, in the wake of the ukraine ambassador's abrupt, dishonest dismissal, testified trump instructed him to go to rudy, with regard to instructions for ukraine. trump seems to have tried to use rudy like a condom, as a layer behind which he could hide. some of the other state/defense people who testified also established that rudy was the guy trump delegated regarding ukraine "diplomacy." trump in recent days has been denying that he instructed rudy to push for a biden investigation. this sounds a lot like trump putting it on rudy, as though he was somehow rogue. rudy has been saying that he has insurance against trump, in case he is thrown under the bus. he even specified where, his safe, to make sure the fbi will include it in any warrants. he has suggested he has recordings of trump going back decades. the next year is going to be a historic shit show. the house intelligence committee is continuing their investigation of the ukraine scandal even as they hand off their report to the judiciary committee for impeachment articles because there are still a lot of threads to follow and there is a lot of evidence pending, but already they have a case that's strong enough to establish impeachable offenses. the mueller evidence, including grand jury evidence and mcgahn testimony, is likely to become available in january or february, based on court scheduling. tax info is bound to hit congress/the public any day now, likely including further crimes and suspect links to foreign actors. the fbi, who arrested rudy's accomplices lev parnas and igor fruman as they were trying to flee the country the night before their scheduled congressional testimony, seem to be looking very hard at giuliani and, honestly, him being indicted looks not unlikely. at first people were asking who was paying rudy - trump or the us gov? then it came out that it was neither. lev parnas was paying giuliani at least a half million dollars. this is the guy who started the company "fraud guaruntee" to try to wash search results of pages describing his previous fraud activity. his partner, igor fruman, owns a club in ukraine named "mafia rave." lev parnas seems to be cooperating, he has been cooperating with congressional investigations, which means he either is or wants to cooperate with the feds, too. he gave congress recordings he took of giuliani. but at the same time, there's bill barr, burrowing around in the justice department, cooking up off-the-books investigations into by-the-books fbi investigations. and there's trump, threatening and firing law enforcement officals who cross him and engaging in regular obstruction of justice. and there's the GOP-congress/right-wing-media information blob, thwarting the faculty of reason in america, so that pro-climate-change powers can maintain control and abortions can be illegal. top this with an election system in disrepair, a president welcoming hostile election interference, and this president being a cornered animal who can reasonably expect prison time after leaving office. it will be a good year to have cable.
  9. well now i'm sure he will end the trade war he started, in his last year, as he's being impeached. btw that was congressional legislation for which they had veto-proof majority. trump signing the bill means nothing in terms of his actual support of the democratic protestors. in fact he has been loudly cheering xi's brutal crack-down for months.
  10. very honest


    yes. nts isn't terrifying the locals anymore.
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