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  1. bill maher just said "fuck him, i'm glad he's dead" and "at least he lived long enough to see the amazon burn"
  2. the percentage of things that enter human awareness is minuscule
  3. was surprised by this million year chart of co2 concentration
  4. warren has been talking to voters and presenting a thoughtful campaign in media and has only been moving in one direction. she has been steadily gaining ground and is currently in the process of overtaking biden. polls show her winning iowa and new hampshire. betting markets favor warren, now, for the nomination.
  5. i like to hype warren because i love her so much but i have to admit that bernie is still very solid
  6. words fail me. maybe, in the future, "trumpian" will mean a kind of rule that is astoundingly heinous
  7. how dare you suggest i not publicly joke about autism.
  8. anyway... i like that trump gutted the Endangered Species Act in order to displace headlines about his association with a child sex trafficker, and about his looming impeachment for criminal obstruction of justice, and because it would make his son happy. at least he's not getting paid for speeches, like hillary.
  9. unfortunate thing, that message. part of it is that watmm is so sympathetic to autism that some take license, consequently. it's bad practice for a reason, though. anyway, i definitely think that history is moving toward sensitivity. these edgy folk read as crass.
  10. it's hard to cut through the noise, with this president. i even lament people focusing on the russian conspiracy part too much, regarding the mueller report (as clearly nefarious as it is). the obstruction counts revealed in the mueller report are rock-solid, and obstruction of justice is an incredibly serious offence. obstruction of justice is an earnest assault on the core of the country, it strikes at the load-bearing supports the country depends on for our entire way of life. it's illegal for a reason and was listed as an impeachable offence for a president in the constitution for a reason. 1000 federal prosecutors said they would prosecute for the obstruction of justice evidence described in the mueller report because obstruction of justice is not something that they let people get away with. this video highlights some of the more significant points.
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