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  1. i wonder if 200,000 americans would be alive if the narcissist didn't wear orange makeup. assuming it was only malignant narcissism is being generous. he facilitated its spread at every turn.
  2. "acute diarrhea" "sudden diarrhea" "projectile diarrhea" "leaky diarrhea" "chronic diarrhea" "persistent diarrhea" "explosive diarrhea" "watery diarrhea"
  3. half million dead in the states in less than 12 months. leading causes of death in the US are usually cancer and heart disease, each around a half million per year. here's trump saying masks give you covid
  4. that landing footage is lush af. i can't believe they have a helicopter. and perseverance is huge, 7ft x 10ft x 9ft.
  5. meaning the dems need to end the senate legislative filibuster rule, yeah. don't ascribe the GOP strength. what they have is a gullible base. we need to flip texas.
  6. tesla getting into btc is significant. it may take 15 years, but hype alone may establish the adoption that will bring the stability that makes a currency i still think it's a mafia pyramid scheme what about rubies? rubies are not fiat. also they use 0 electricity. but they're not encrypted
  7. just to document for the record, the joder is currently doing an album per month. and we are for it. recent 2: https://edmsoundwave.bandcamp.com/album/aquarius https://edmsoundwave.bandcamp.com/album/strange-pyramid haven't dug in yet but hyped
  8. oh. yeah, i avoid voicing violent sentiment. i know the feeling ignatius is talking about, and it really is astounding the evil we have been contending with in the states. to those who follow it closely, it's absolutely enraging. but yeah energies reverberate and rebound and all that so i try to stay off the violence wavelength when it comes to politics.
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