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  1. qrth-phyl, Walk on Strawberries, Bridgeland Part 303 also stand-outs for me but just get em all, man. @theburglar is a wizard.
  2. Yuo're Life is a stand-out, though they're all good. of course Volumes is huge and great.
  3. hong kong took the early virus news very seriously, took drastic action, and kept a lid on it. SK, similarly, acted boldly, early on, and turned the corner after an early influx of cases. trump really blew it and continues to. testing is STILL lacking, that is one example. possibly just as harmful: the public confusion resulting from his foggy, troll, bullshitter mentality. way, way too many americans are still parrotting the (wrong) trump platitude that it's like the flu and it will be fine. it's been horrific watching him ALLOW this to happen. he should have taken care of test production very early, and to an adequate extent. that is the necessary first step to allow cases to be identified and quarantined, and to do contact tracing, and testing and quarantining such contactees. that is just how you prevent spread and the US wasn't doing it and so it spread at its exponential rate. he should have orchestrated surveillance testing to reveal where the virus is in the country. that's how SK got a significant outbreak under control without draconian measures like china took. he should have not been so precious about the stock market, and instead of bullshitting people, told them the relevant safety info about this virus. actually, the market was seen to tank in correlation with a lack of faith in trump's ability to handle this. if he had not cared only about the market, and instead worked to prevent the outbreak, then the market would have actually fared better, because the outbreak would not be as bad. like the bullshitter he is, instead of working, he chose to bs and hope for the best. and there was a huge delay. americans, broadly, didn't realize this would be a big issue for them until the beginning of march. experts knew this was a global threat at the end of january. trump pissed away more than a month when he could have really kept a lid on cases in the US. if obama were president, not only would the US covid situation look nothing like this, i'm sure obama would have helped improve the situations elsewhere, too. and, to answer your question more directly, brisbot, yes, trump will be viscerally blamed. it's crystal clear to the well-informed that he failed to protect the country. the obama team even left him with a "pandemic playbook" that they never used. susan rice called it criminal negligence. bill gates said the US missed the window for containment, which was possible. gates also says that the US is failing to implement real nation-wide distancing, which he says is the best move, now. even fauci said testing was a federal failure, and that the US is still not where it needs to be with testing. the US now has the most cases and may soon have the most deaths. we're at 2,000 deaths and the death count, as you can see here, is doubling every 2 days. and here's deaths by state in the US: COVID is all over the country and deaths are skyrocketing. but trump doesn't want to use federal powers to coordinate medical supply lines, mandate medical supply manufacture, or provide the clear directions that are needed to address this crisis. at this rate, we'll be at 16,000 dead in a week. then it's another week for 256,000 dead, if the rates don't change.
  4. The missing six weeks: how Trump failed the biggest test of his life and here's Obama nat. sec. advisor Susan Rice on a Pod Save the World podcast episode, talking about the failed US COVID response
  5. ^ ugh. here's an hour of bill gates on covid.
  6. you're fueling manipulative messaging. biden may have a speech disorder, but his takes are on-point the vast majority of the time. he's leading in polls against trump, including in swing states. he drove turnout in primaries. but your message suggests the opposite of what that data indicates, lends credence to trickery, and suggests there is a case for voting for trump, which there is not.
  7. biden is fine and good. we should not be surprised there is a social campaign attacking him with anything they can. haven't heard from him in 24 hours... compilation reel of him clearing his throat... pretending to not know what he means... conflating a single cough with having symptoms... these are bad-faith tricks like you get from paid posters, like a 20 year old russian troll. some lucky putin stooge can afford toilet paper this week. i guaruntee you the russians are manufacturing and distributing a lot of these shallow attempts to mislead people about biden. i wonder if they still believe america is the threat they need to fight, these days... aside from them, assuredly "oppo research" firms are participating on behalf of Orange and the gop-fox fraud syndicate. then there are the sociopathic dark triad personalities that were concertedly targetted by the likes of cambridge analytica and the russians, duped into becoming messaging surrogates, continuing to maniacally spackle the internet with delusional brain garbage. meanwhile, in reality, joe is approaching the somber and serious moment exactly the way a regular human, seasoned politician should. here's a press conference he did today on covid-19. here's an online event scheduled for later today.
  8. tim & eric just started a new show, like this week, on adult swim. haven't seen it yet but saw some good reviews. beef house
  9. got into oversteps when i had a long commute. good for long drives. good album flow. seemed like they were avoiding percussion on this album. it's like untilted had a lot of percussion and for oversteps they tried doing no percussion.
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