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  1. i wish sign was in cyberpunk 2077 😄
  2. i hear harmonising ae frequencies i'm a happy man
  3. reminds me of qebrus 🙂 i absolutely adore this
  4. I'm also team stereo I think. recently discovered that I can hook up my Schiit Valhalla 2 tube amp as a preamp for my transistor amp, usually used it for headphones only. It's like falling in love with your speakers all over again
  5. lol I thought it was on now.. timezones always do my head in
  6. Been enjoying good tea amidst stormy weather to Red Dead 2 online the last few days. Wish there was more incentive to meet players on the map though. I bought Dreams in early access. The handling for sculpting is so odd with just the controller– do you use the Move controllers? Making music in Dreams seems like such a headache when I can just sit down and have fun with Renoise.. 😄
  7. man is that.. a sequencer.. for fx.. I've been looking for something like that for *ever*
  8. I think watmm should emulate the american political system and switch its admin every 4 years. The one with the most shitposts wins, influenced by russian watmm robots
  9. If you're into anything Lovecraftian and would like to try out the Souls formula without a shield, with faster and riskier combat, Bloodborne is for you 🙂
  10. Are you gonna end on Bloodborne? 🙂 That's still my favorite, although I do miss some aspects of Dark Souls in there
  11. The amount of money being pushed around for corporate things like that always reminds me of how silly my paycheck is.
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