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  1. Too bad; I've been debating whether to read the books. Do they improve again after book 4?
  2. I'm astonished by how terrible season 4 of the expanse is. The first three had been stellar.
  3. Didn't listen to much new stuff. The standout was this: Sote - Parallel Persia
  4. What's the track right after It's Grim up North?
  5. joseph


    also khaki af
  6. joseph


    thought this was obvious
  7. Can't edit my post You're supposed to take pics of the pages with the interview and post them here.
  8. If I understand correctly, there is another round of tickets being sold at noon Tokyo time (23 minutes from now). Can anyone buy me a ticket? I will paypal you 200% of the cost of the ticket.
  9. Heartbreaking. His music is incredible.
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