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  1. joseph

    Sean pls

    sean, pls: hook max up to this: https://www.mandelbulb.com/
  2. Kind of an e0/os veix3 hybrid right now, no? And so many other "ae bits" at previous points... it's starting to feel as if there's actually only one ae track (I mean this in the best possible sense)
  3. There was one transition where it went black - music stopped. Then some text appeared and a particular "element" of the track appeared. Then some video of the cars appeared in the corner and the high pitched smeared sound came in. (At least this is how I remember it.)
  4. The music stops precisely when the screen goes black.
  5. It seems that one needs to access via the link given on this page: https://www.thewire.co.uk/news/58116/get-free-access-to-the-wire-s-online-archive
  6. Sean linked it in the chat, pretty sure it's him?
  7. Emerging from the void ? really nice
  8. Yeah really wasn't feeling the chat for a while on Friday. Got better after I blocked a couple of people lol.
  9. Which track was that?
  10. What's at @ 2h51m ? MC Lyte - Paper Thin mashed with something else?
  11. dj stingray - solitude serotonin
  12. This works for me, didn't have to sign up: https://mixlr.com/autechre/
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