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  1. The quality of the photos is vexing. You'd think the military would bother to get some good images, right?
  2. Wonderful! I saw a live performance at UIUC a couple years back -- magical. I think watching the ensemble really adds something.
  3. [Disclaimer: Take what you read with a grain of salt. This is a translation of a translation. Also, my Japanese is far from perfect. I used Google translate and other tools (in a careful, piecemeal fashion) to help when I didn't understand something. There are bound to be errors, and discrepancies from what was actually meant by Sean and Rob. I take responsibility for all of these mistakes and infelicities, and welcome corrections. There are also some shorter "side articles" in the publication about e.g. their equipment and use of MAX/MSP, which I will also translate and post later. - joseph]
  4. A recording of Shostakovich's 7th symphony will be played in a movie theater, in the dark. Admission is free. The recording is this one: https://www.discogs.com/Dmitri-Shostakovich-Chicago-Symphony-Orchestra-Leonard-Bernstein-Symphony-No-1-Symphony-No-7-Leningr/release/13737419 This is in West Lafayette, Indiana. I'm posting on the chance that someone lives close enough to come by!
  5. I've been working on it, and should finish in a few days. It's quite long, and is probably the best ae interview I've ever read. (Besides AAA of course.)
  6. Listening now (I've heard it before but it's been a long time)! It's nice but I think I do prefer the later stuff like Dok and Szenariodisk. This track was linked in the OP but I am reposting:
  7. I'm just now hearing Dok, it's really good. Not sure why it's taken me so long.
  8. OK I found the "Mook" in which the interview was published on amazon.co.jp. I'm going to order a copy and I will eventually translate it and post that here. But this will take some time.
  9. Yeah someone made a post, although some of the pics were pretty blurry. If I'm going to translate it -- and I am willing to do it! -- I would need better pics. If someone can provide a link where the book/mag/whatever it is can be purchased (say on amazon.co.jp) then I'd order myself a copy.
  10. I could do the translating (if I saw a transcript, of course).
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