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  1. Yeah it seems to be snippets of tracks? Innovative promo method, very Actress. Anyways it sounded super lush.
  2. Shadow, Thief Of The Sun. Worth it for Come Infinite alone.
  3. joseph


    This has staggering potential for greatness. I think they were describing their "Dune journey" and not passing judgement.
  4. joseph


    Agreed. I've been pretty excited for the movie but this trailer failed to inspire.
  5. the leaked cover art matches the colors predicted.
  6. I think he went further and said the snippets were a "massive red herring" or something to that effect.
  7. I'd love to watch this, too bad the YT video is dead...
  8. The Living Room ‎(Orlando Voorn) – Roomservice
  9. Just want to reiterate how amazing Rückverzauberung 9 is.
  10. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/08/14/ufo-pentagon-task-froce-395683
  11. PSA for Schematic heads: The version of "Well-Suited For General-Purpose Audio Work" on their bandcamp has way more tracks than the original did, including some obscure older Phoenecia tracks (like a Newcleus remix!): https://schematicmusiccompany.bandcamp.com/album/well-suited-for-general-purpose-audio-work
  12. This album bangs. So groovy and subtle at the same time.
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