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  1. oooh that's bold, respect. personally i haven't gotten into glam despite many tries.
  2. Autoditacker is the absolute shit obviously (Sui Shop!!!). Idiology is stuffed full of magical moments as well. For example 1:37 below = goosebumps. I love you Jan and Andi.
  3. Suzi Ecto is definitely one to check. Also some of his EPs have been killer: The Present Tense, Migrant. His stuff since about 2016 hasn't moved me as much. Haven't listened to this one yet.
  4. I'd chalk it up to two things: 1. I realized that I was grinding my teeth at night, and started wearing a mouthguard and curbing my caffeine intake. It turns out that the grinding was responsible for much of the tinnitus. I might have solved the problem sooner if I hadn't solely focused on loud-music-listening as the culprit. 2. More generally, yes, I've found that it subsides on its own once I stop worrying about it. Giving it attention seems to "feed it" somehow.
  5. I once thought this. I really believed it then. But guess what? Haven't really suffered from tinnitus in approximately a year. Healing is possible.
  7. Sean said in AAA that most of their tracks are "solo"s. At the time this really surprised me; every track seemed consistently "autechre" that it could only be the result of some real-time mind-meld. Yet ever since then I've increasingly found myself trying to guess whether a given track is "Rob's" or "Sean's". And I often feel like I can identify two differing styles within a given album. As an example, simply because I've been revisiting it lately, here are my guesses on EP7: Rpeg - Rob Ccec - Sean Squeller - Rob Left Blank - Sean Outpt - Sean Dropp - Rob
  8. The dilankex remix means the world to me. I love it so much. Had to listen to it many times, carefully, to understand. As for AE_LIVE, you can (and should) head-nod continuously at the same tempo, start-to-finish, through most of the sets I'm still grappling with onesix, too.
  9. Yeah it seems to be snippets of tracks? Innovative promo method, very Actress. Anyways it sounded super lush.
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