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  1. Sean linked it in the chat, pretty sure it's him?
  2. Emerging from the void 🙂 really nice
  3. Yeah really wasn't feeling the chat for a while on Friday. Got better after I blocked a couple of people lol.
  4. Which track was that?
  5. What's at @ 2h51m ? MC Lyte - Paper Thin mashed with something else?
  6. dj stingray - solitude serotonin
  7. This works for me, didn't have to sign up: https://mixlr.com/autechre/
  8. Too bad; I've been debating whether to read the books. Do they improve again after book 4?
  9. I'm astonished by how terrible season 4 of the expanse is. The first three had been stellar.
  10. Didn't listen to much new stuff. The standout was this: Sote - Parallel Persia
  11. What's the track right after It's Grim up North?
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