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  1. The strings and flute here are so Shinichi.
  2. Iera is already in 4/4 (90 bpm) from start to finish.
  3. I just became aware of this recently published interview with Shinichi Atobe: https://toneglow.substack.com/p/tone-glow-144-shinichi-atobe Also, it may be worth noting that digital versions of his latest release are now directly available from Boomkat.
  4. I think your statement (with "amongst") is basically correct, Dimitri. The first "interesting beat timing" tracks were released in 1997 (*awaits refutation*). Pule and Characi also deserve (IMO) to be placed in this category.
  5. It is a remarkable album. Took time to get into. Love the "slow-yet-fast" aspect of a lot of these tracks.
  6. Another candidate would be the conclusion of this SND set:
  7. Bilk listening party tomorrow (Sep 25): https://mouseonmars.bandcamp.com/merch/bilk-listening-party
  8. I recently discovered a couple of items and thought I'd share them with the discriminating listeners who might read this thread. First, a recording of a radio broadcast of an excellent interview involving Romulo Del Castillo, Gabe Koch (of M3rck Records), and others. Musical selections are also presented. Second, a DJ set from Romulo del Castillo:
  9. The Scientist - For Those Who Know
  10. I saw them in Denver in 2015 and was blown away by how visceral/"physical" the sounds were. At one point near the end there was something that sounded very much like an explosion/bomb going off near the front of the stage -- I don't recall this coming across in the soundboard.
  11. Yeah and the producers he mentioned from there are Microthol, I'm sure
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