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  1. I could do the translating (if I saw a transcript, of course).
  2. Just in case you haven't heard it...
  3. reminds me of fwzE at times
  4. Yeah this album is the shit.
  5. Listening to this for the first time over the last week, it's dope!
  6. Abraham Loeb = Harvard prof = author of the scientific american article = author of the forthcoming book. Arguments only become outdated, or "trash", when refuted. Otherwise they can last indefinitely. I'd guess that there is much overlap between the book arguments and the article arguments. Convincing criticisms of either, which I want to hear, must work at a comparable level of "resolution". For example, items 2-3 in the article argue that ‘Oumuamua is not an asteroid because theory predicts that if it were, its incoming velocity (relative to the sun) should be comparable to
  7. His arguments are scientific, and should be considered independently of the amount of attention or money he may receive. Some of the actual science was summarized in this article by Loeb: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/6-strange-facts-about-the-interstellar-visitor-oumuamua/ Interstellar objects are still expected to conform to the known laws of physics.
  8. Despite his credentials, Haim Eshed's story sounds like such bullshit to me. For example, WTF? We do know what spaceships are, since we invented them? As for us understanding space, that is debatable, but the GF could always just convey their special knowledge to us if they want us to have it. Also, it's unclear why mass hysteria would be prevented by understanding "space and spaceships". I find e.g. Fravor's account (with the accompanying footage) to be a much more convincing line of evidence.
  9. oooh that's bold, respect. personally i haven't gotten into glam despite many tries.
  10. Autoditacker is the absolute shit obviously (Sui Shop!!!). Idiology is stuffed full of magical moments as well. For example 1:37 below = goosebumps. I love you Jan and Andi.
  11. Suzi Ecto is definitely one to check. Also some of his EPs have been killer: The Present Tense, Migrant. His stuff since about 2016 hasn't moved me as much. Haven't listened to this one yet.
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