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Releases Donating to Ukraine Humanitarian Funds

Richie Sombrero

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Banging Jungle Tune from Ohm Resistance


Ukrainian Electronics discography by Timur, which I am listening to now and some of these are excellent.  It's cool to see his progression as an artist - there is an edit of Zurich 2001 by Autechre on here that is a really abrasive noise piece.  Supported.


My name is Timur, I am a Ukrainian, and Russia has sent thousands and thousands of soldiers into Ukraine. Currently we are all being bombed. I have no idea what my life is going to be like tomorrow and how much longer I have, so it felt appropriate to share an archive of my 2010-2019 works, in case I never get to do that when I'm old and it's a nice remastered package.
These are sorted chronologically except where putting certain tracks next to each other would enhance the flow (parts of the same EPs etc). Most are horribly mastered. Many are boring and self-indulgent (I'm 26 now; was younger then). However, this was my life, and this is the music I made.

I urge everyone to do everything in their power to stop Russia, send support to Ukraine, sever all ties to Russian people, kick them off your festivals, cancel your collabs.

Some important information to note. We are a sovereign country, with a culture, history, language, identity and path of our own, and we have never been "brothers" to Russians. We also do not have a right-wing government or anything resembling a right-wing faction in power – our current government is actually quite liberal and we have made great progress in human rights over the past years. I am saying this, because I know Russian propaganda is calling us Nazis.


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Woodford Halse "Undulating Waters" back catalogue available for a tenner.  Buy it on Bandcamp Friday for maximum impact!

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28 minutes ago, species8472 said:

bjarki posted all of his trip stuff on his bandcamp with all proceeds being donated.

also a nice comp of odds and ends from various trip releases.



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Excellent compilation on Kate Carr's Flaming Pines label of Ukrainian electronics and sound art:


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