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  1. america has a serious schizophrenia problem. im not even taking the piss
  2. someones probably already posted this but. shoebill stork:
  3. None. I work with computers and my goal is to work so hard I can live this guys story: https://rattibha.com/thread/1388107620574171140?lang=en
  4. Turning Point USA is a pro-capitalist outlet that promotes fascism. This kid is a fascist vigilante. It all makes very much sense
  5. jesus I will never moan about it being -1 degs again
  6. I'm not even on his side but it's bad to just assume hes a troll or dismiss his posts instead of actually having a counter-argument.
  7. so fucking true. have a camping trip with your mates. thatll cure what ales ye
  8. you might enjoy this https://www.reddit.com/r/BuyItForLife/ 🙂
  9. i used to end up buying a new pair of headphones every year cus id get cheap ones that would break. few years ago i got myself some philips fidelio x2's. theyre built well so hopefully theyll last
  10. i agree. if you use the internet too much youll always end up thinking like this. idk what it is about it but i sweat its true
  11. this is weird but every winter i gravitate to this video makes me feel cosy theres also this (very weird) audio that gives me the same feeling (WARNING: weird)
  12. that mountain city image is actually really cool
  13. Came here to post this. So grateful for how good my life is compared to these people.
  14. fella in the blue shirt is DEFINITELY a nonce. no doubt in my mind
  15. was driving yesterday when toto africa came on. made me think of this:
  16. large crowds gathering together in close proximity create covid outbreaks?????? wow no way. has to be bollocks
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