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  1. Hmm, won't get it in the courts it looks like. Time to roll the tanks!
  2. Oh yeah I'd def get a bs2 over a 202 for bass. BS2 is a good little workhorse for what it is and Novation seems dedicated to support it, extending it.
  3. Yeah I did. If you like the BassStation II you'll like this because it's the same thing.
  4. Yeah Windows does crap like force install Microsoft Edge, etc. Does a lot of telemetry that's difficult to completely disable, etc. Looks like MacOs is going to go the same route. My main gig is software development and I've been pleased with MacOs for my main workhorse for years. If Apple gets too annoying with the controls I'll just switch to Linux.
  5. Why is it "pearl-clutching" to discuss changes to a platform? Is it just because you don't personally have an interest?
  6. Big Sur is another incremental step in turning the general purpose PC into an appliance like the iPad. Your Computer Isn't Yours https://sneak.berlin/20201112/your-computer-isnt-yours/ I'll take it a step further and speculate that eventually MacOs will prevent the user from running any software that isn't procured from the Apple app store.
  7. I started adding "power greens" powder to my smoothies and I've been crop dusting for days now
  8. Funny this thread popped up, Animals popped into my shuffle on the ride home this eve and it really fit the mood
  9. One may not be too pedantic.
  10. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff felt the need to state that the US military doesn't serve an individual.
  11. Yeah it's sad that the US has so many people who DGAF. I told someone about the cruise ship news and they said "Oh wow I'd go now! I've already had Covid." Like yeah I know you did but you can get it again after a few months. Even if you don't get reinfected with a severe case you'll still be transmitting it. It's not even in the mental model for some people that this is a transmissible disease and we're a network. Oh well. Buckle up. Doesn't have to be like this but it's gonna be like this.
  12. In today's shocking Covid news that nobody could have predicted:
  13. Oh yeah that's right, not even in the count at the moment anyway. Trump seems to be wasting everyone's time over all this. I mean I think if there was actual fraud sure I'd want to know about it and investigate it even if it went in his favor but there just doesn't seem to be any evidence that's the case.
  14. Catching up on some news: Looks like some votes will probably get thrown out in PA because the legislature pushed back the date they'd accept mail in ballots but did not push back the date that ballots could be cured for lack of ID verification. That second date got pushed back by a commissioner. If it goes to supreme court it'll probably be sustained since the US Constitution says only state legislatures can make the changes to the ways elections run in the state. I'm not a lawyer so who knows. It sounds like it won't be a lot of ballots though.
  15. Splice is giving away Ableton Live 10 Lite edition for free until the end of this year: https://splice.com/daws/38929163-live-10-lite-vst-by-ableton I think you may have to register with Splice to get it, not sure, but might be useful for someone who doesn't have Live already and wants to check out the basics.
  16. Yeah BitWig intrigues me especially for the modular aspect, I'm glad they are still making a go of it seemingly pretty succesfully too. Tech nerd part of me is happy to see native Linux support too.
  17. Yeah AFX is more well known now than 2010 as far as I can tell, this is definitely a one of a kind item, could argue that the CAT23 LP is less rare than this since multiple copies were pressed. Yeah maybe $50000 isn't out of the question at this point for a piece of history.
  18. I don't think he's a pedo for being a creepy hair sniffer and I'm not comparing him to Trump. Just having some fun on a forum with light trolling! That poll and chart made me lol that's all.
  19. Hair sniffing seems to be a progressive value. Boomers seem to think it's unacceptable more than millennials do. https://www.thecut.com/2019/12/joe-biden-poll-hair-sniffing-the-cut-yougov.html
  20. That voice masking sounds like Detroit Grand Pubahs Sandwiches vocals Yeah this makes total sense, if I'm gonna go hand out fake ballots I'm gonna use a BIDEN/HARRIS van to do it. Read that Project Veritas paid the USPS "whistle blower" $130k for his allegations, wonder how much this one got
  21. I know someone who is all about the vote fraud conspiracy theory. I asked why some of the Republicans are also saying they don't think there is widespread fraud? It's apparently because they want to protect their family from the deep state murder squads run by the Clintons and Soros. So I guess if a Democrat says there's no widespread fraud that's exactly what a globalist would say, and if a Republican says there's no widespread fraud that's exactly what someone being threatened by the globalists would say under duress.
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