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  1. Holy lol @ 7 pages of this Ever go into a record shop and see how much music isn’t Aphex? Yeah, lotta music in the world.
  2. Also this should have been a real movie
  3. Might have to give Death Proof another go. I watched it as a double header in the theaters when it was released and I was probably just ready to leave lol
  4. Might be misremembering but I think he recently said he might do another movie then retire from directing or maybe Hollywood was his last movie, something like that. I like most of his films. Didn’t really get into Death Proof, couldn’t stay awake long enough to finish Jackie Brown, haven’t seen H8. Everything else I have rewatched a few times. I absolutely love Inglorious Basterds.
  5. As someone who has a few extra years on my ears I’ll just say wear ear plugs or just forget the drum thing. Tinnitus SUCKS and really ruins quality of life and there is no cure.
  6. I think I’d rather have the vaccine made from inactivate virus rather than the MRNA version. You develop different antibodies for the MRNA generated spike protein and the natural virus spike protein. I hope we aren’t tagging ourselves with biological markers that can later be targeted with a bio weapon. Think of something like ADE with Dengue fever but done on purpose by a malicious actor. I am not saying MRNA Covid vaccines are unsafe or that they are bio weapons. I noticed China and Russia are using vaccines based on attenuated virus, not the MRNA versions. I also noticed the doctor in Memphis who died recently was reported to have antibodies for both the natural variant and the MRNA variant. I’m not saying he died for any reason, I just thought it was interesting that they were able to distinguish between different antibodies. It got me putting on my black hat with the thought experiment of using that as a biological marker to attack a host with a specific antibody. If a host with antibodies for the natural virus can be left alone but with antibodies for the MRNA variant can be attacked that would be pretty bad. I hope it’s not possible to do that.
  7. Haha yours too eh? My mom didn’t like the band name, she seemed to think they were saying not to have faith. I had a Faith No More poster on my door. She took it down and put up a poster that said “Hell Ain’t Cool”. I cut it up and pasted it back together to say “Ain’t Hell Cool” and ultimately won the war of passive aggression.
  8. Easiest way for me to trade it, I’m not a hodler. I traded actuals 4 years ago and the taxes are a PITA
  9. Be sure to stock plenty of lemons for that party
  10. If you use samples in Max is that cheating? This is for the qualification of whether a song is “pure” Max.
  11. I'm not really being serious. Just pisses me off to see people not caring like that.
  12. Lightening the burden on the US Social Security system, one antimasker at a time. At this point I say let it burn their community out. The store wouldn’t stay in business if it didn’t have customers and the market is speaking.
  13. I have nothing to add except... ”That’s what Xi said!”
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