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  1. Reworking some of my tracks from a few years ago. This one is a bit downtempo. https://soundcloud.com/exit_only/teco-2017-mix Thanks for listening!
  2. digging the drum programming on marumari - saka remix. I like the lo-fi synth bits and the slowed drums on bee storm but I think the "bee pad" is pretty dominating in the mix.
  3. digging these tracks. I agree on shortening the intro on that first one. I really like the retro-house vibe on these though. It might be a good idea to run these through a maximizer/limiter before uploading since I had to pump the volume up a bit to get the level on par with other stuff i was listening on soundcloud.
  4. i like the vibe on this one for sure. reminds me of cylob. i'd agree the drums could be more up front and maybe a bit more dynamic as well. also in terms of the mix/arrangement i feel like some of the synths overlap too much. maybe some stereo separation/widening on the pads would help there?
  5. I'm really excited about the mpc live. I'm not sure what the hate is for. I've been looking for sampler/sequencer that can easily integrate with my computer setup. From what I've been reading, I should be able to drag/drop midi/audio right into the software while its in control mode and take it with me on the go. It also runs for ~5 hours without power which is awesome. I'm not planning on dropping ableton but having something thats fairly full featured sequencer with live performance options that can double as a very robust sketch pad is super exciting to me.
  6. yeah RH is my $1 favorite dj. Need more and more.
  7. yeah this sounded great. a nice bit of peace in a messed up world!
  8. Thanks! I've got another old track where I did some extensive live-ish drum programming/break chopping but at the time I added a bunch of 'experimental' bleeps and bloops over it. I might pull out the drum track and write something new over it since it was pretty nice.
  9. ok. I fiddled with the mix a bit and cleaned up the drums. I do think the low bitrate isnt helping the rides/hats on this track at all but it should be an improvement.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. The track is a mix of samples and then additional synths layered in. Some of it is sampled, mapped to a keyboard and then replayed along with synth layers etc so not everything is at it seems :). I did have trouble mixing this track and I think a lot of the 'distance' comes from the drum sounds I was using. I'll fiddle with that some more but it's tricky (for me anyway). I like to think the last part sounds nice in contrast to everything that came before it.
  11. liking this one. very aphexy obviously but good drum programming for sure. I like the variety of ideas in it. i guess my main critique would be its a bit long. I think you could probably get the same point across in less time.
  12. Hello. Here's a rework of a track I started a year+ ago. I recently spent a few weeks reworking the drums in a different style. Lemme know what you think! https://soundcloud.com/exit_only/bibimbap-v2
  13. check the return of the dj compilations https://www.discogs.com/Various-Return-Of-The-DJ/master/112581 theres links to the other volumes on that page
  14. nice track. Definitely impressive that its all FM. Like others mentioned, very AFX-y vibe which isnt a bad thing. I guess my main complaint would be the kick driving the whole track is kind of consistent/non-changing for most of the track. It would be nice if there were some changes either subtly in the tone (i.e. make each hit vary somewhat) or changing the kick for part of the track.
  15. These tracks sound nice. I'm enjoying the flute sample in the first track. I think the little rhythmic distortions kinda pop out too much,and same with the talking sample but otherwise the mix is pretty good. I'm probably liking the 3rd track the best, the beat on there reminds me of some merck records stuff. I think there is a key change in there or maybe just a bit of dissonance that is a little awkward but otherwise awesome stuff!
  16. some of the timing on the drums feels off to me. Theres a couple breaks in there which could be tightened up a bit. The overall feel of the track is nice though. I llke the talking samples which remind me of Entroducing a bit.
  17. thanks for the positive feedback... and the reposts! i appreciate it. I was listening to this track again last night and part of me wants to chop it down by about a minute but I'm not sure.
  18. Really enjoying those grainy sounds around 1 min in. This track is pretty cool in how it combines kind of modern club/pop stuff with some braindance/acid textures. Overall the mix is really solid. Some of the drums seems a little further back than they should be but really liking how the pads/vocals etc are sitting.
  19. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/upshot/presidential-polls-forecast.html http://election.princeton.edu/ http://cookpolitical.com/presidential/charts/scorecard http://predictwise.com/politics/2016-president-winner http://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2016-election-forecast/ refresh every 5 min for the next 7 days
  20. Here's a thing I made. It's kind of a downtempo trip-hop sorty of thing. Fewer synths than I usually do. I wanted to get some feedback on it. Thanks! [sc5]289900344[/sc5]
  21. digging this last one (as well as the others). kind of makes me think of luke vibert-ish stuff in that its a nasty break with some kind of up beat organ bits going underneath it. would be cool to see this developed more and maybe with some weird ass up beat preacher with reverb'ed overdub thing in the middle. just a though
  22. this is pretty awesome. sounds kind of like the ambient bits from some amon tobin stuff.
  23. i feel like the phasey-bass is dominating the mix a bit too much and generally most of the pad stuff is a touch too loud. I'd try routing all the pad stuff through one bus/group and running a buss compressor and then run the drums into another bus. You could do some sidechained compression on the 'pad' buss and have it keyed to the snare so make that bit pop a bit more.
  24. a lot of good points here. one thing i like to do is try to find the one or two areas in the spectrum that really represent the instrument and push those just slightly, maybe 2 to at most 4 db and then bring the whole instrument down a bit. this way the loudest part of the sound fills its own narrow range. i'd agree with the people that say it starts in the arrangement. if you have several sounds that are really clashing and panning/light eq isn't helping, you might want to question if you should try rewriting the part. it could be as easy as just doing some kind of A-B back and forth between the instruments i.e. one instrument plays for one or two bars and then the next one.
  25. IDM for a long time was an outsiders take on/kind a of dialog with whatever the mainstream dance music was at the given time. Whether it was acid house, jungle or hip hop/electro, IDM was a introverted look at that music. I think a big part of why it 'died' was that a 2nd or 3rd wave of idm artists came along who's primary point of reference was IDM. It became kind of an echo chamber of these existing concepts and not really a reflection/abstraction of what was going on in the larger dance music culture. Also, the trajectory of the music paralleled the technological advances of computer based music at the time. The artists who we all know are the ones who managed to ride the crest of that wave right up until ~2001 when there was a paradigm shift in the ubiquity of high speed computers, cheap/pirated software and sudden infinite distribution of music. For a decade+ it seemed like each new album was utilizing the latest technology and doing things that couldn't even have been accomplished the previous year. The music plateaued at the same time the consumer technology did. None of this is to say that there isn't interesting idm-esque music going on now but I think the goals are different. A lot of the 'push the technology as hard as possible' music just seems boring and it's really more of a challenge to do something personal or musically interesting with all of these techniques that are in the wild now.
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