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  1. in the past few days, the View New Content page shows no new content. Wondering if thats just me.
  2. y'all seem chill. i might drop by there for this. also planning on buying one of those little yamaha mixers at the store
  3. I'm super jealous. I bought a pair of those used from guitar center and they were unbelievable. unfortunately they also picked up some random radio station in the tweeter so i was hearing pop radio all day and had to return them :( apparently it's a common problem with those depending on where you live. got some genelecs instead, which i love but there was something just so 3D about the dynaudios.
  4. maybe he got some new samples to use
  5. try this .. i think maybe some session info got appended? https://www.discogs.com/Twerk-Living-Vicariously-Through-Burnt-Bread/master/92293
  6. similar along the kit clayton lines but check out Twerk (alias chosen before twerking became a thing :) https://www.discogs.com/Twerk-Living-Vicariously-Through-Burnt-Bread/master/92293 pole is kind of similar as well
  7. iduno,bought and been listening to this today. I like all the shifting styles and altered breaks and whatnot. theres some noodley melodies though for sure
  8. this calendar was down for a while but is back up at least for now and sometimes includes IDM-ish stuff in Portland- https://experimentalportland.com/event-calendar/ There is the aforementioned live in the depths- https://www.facebook.com/pg/saintsobass/events/?ref=page_internal Also volt divers - https://www.facebook.com/pg/VoltDivers/posts/ which is hard-ware focused but still gets pretty IDM-y a lot of the time. bunch of other random stuff too. so yeah come to Portland because maybe its closer to the tipping point :)
  9. a copy of this made its way to one of the local record shops so i picked it up. Overall im ok with the quality but korona does stand out as being pretty dull in the high end. I compared it to the youtube copy (!!!) and its almost like a different mix because the hats are nearly-non-present. sounds more like shakers. weird. the labels are on the wrong side as well.
  10. brightly lit sales rooms are the heart of the american idm scene
  11. ugh saw the email this morning but did not click the link :( sold out now
  12. That jacket looks real cool on Sean but the catalog photos make it look poofy and weird
  13. did someone miss the lede here.. THERE ARE TRACK NAMES ON THE MASK RELEASES also, cant believe someone doesnt have the master DATs for these if what is being said is true
  14. soundtoys filter freak is great. all of their plugins are great actually. its really nice to have a stable of bread-n-butter plugins that just sound good. (i dont work for sound toys :) http://www.soundtoys.com/
  15. yeah own this already but like it so much i almost want the repress too. definitely one of my fav current artists at the moment
  16. yup. the new soundcloud is going to be a rackmount item with ADAT
  17. https://techcrunch.com/2017/08/11/soundcloud-saved/
  18. thanks! definitely more disco
  19. yes. i was thinking the same. want this on a shirt sobad
  20. With any of this stuff, especially extra magic mixing tricks like OTB summing, I think the question you should ask yourself is 'is my music so good that this is the last thing it needs to be perfect'. If that is ever true then you'd be justified in spending the time, money and energy on it. Otherwise I'd work on your song writing/sound design etc using what you have already.
  21. https://soundcloud.com/exit_only/boxyfrown-2017-mix
  22. Thanks for the kind words. I believe the sample is a koto.
  23. but also, pro tools has the audio suite stuff which was an offline processor that worked in a kind of similar manor. i'd really like to see something like this for ableton drum racks as well. I often load up huge chains on different drum rack pads and then have to go manually bounce them down and bring them back onto the pad, replacing the original and then keep backups of the original stuff on top of that. would be great to just freeze a pad.
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