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  1. Sick art, will have to give that a listen^ Been digging TesseracT a lot today:
  2. Yeah this album is great, I liked Avanti a lot and this is even better than that.
  3. That Against the Clock is awesome, very cool little reverb plate thing he's got going there... This whole album is just lush a f, definitely one of my favs of 2019, threw a couple tracks off this in the latest set I did.
  4. Vanilla Coke and smoe milano cookies
  5. Sup WATMM? About that time of year to throw another blended winter mix together, happy with how this one turned out... A little more ambiance and some shoegazey vibes thrown in this year, but a wide blend of styles overall, with emphasis on shimmering reverbs, cold synths, icy pads, ethereal wooshes and a late-winter mindset. Starts out a bit noisier/upbeat after the ambient/shoegazy lead-in but mellows out as the mix goes on. Tracklist: Yamaneko - Crystal Palace Dolphin // Whirr - Under The Same Name // Alessandro Cortini - Iniziare // Windhand - Light Into Dark // Lee Gamble -
  6. Fav Metal Releases of 2019: Big Business - The Beast You Are Blood Incantation - Hidden History Of The Human Race Boris - Love & Evol Car Bomb - Mordial Cattle Decapitation - Death Atlas Gatecreeper - Deserted Mizmor - Cairn Monolord - No Comfort Sunn O))) - Life Metal / Pyroclasts Tomb Mold - Planetary Clairvoyance
  7. Alcest - Spritual Instinct Aleksi Perala - Presence / Resonance / Sunshine 3 Andy Stott - It Should Be Us Autechre - Warp Tapes 89-93 Barker - Utility Big Business - The Beast You Are Billy Woods & Kenny Segal - Hiding Places Blood Incantation - Hidden History Of The Human Race Boris - Love & Evol Broken English Club - White Rats II Car_Bomb - Mordial Cattle Decapitation - Death Atlas Cienfuegos - Autogolpe clipping. - There Existed An Addiction To Blood Danny Brown - uknowhatimsayin? Denzel Curry - ZUU Duchovny - Future Egypt Fennesz - Agora Gatecre
  8. Yeah Shapednoise is cool, I dug Different Selves a lot, need to hear this new one
  9. Been playing the Ghostbusters game remaster, never really played the original on the PS3 but enjoying this one, playing on casual mode so I can just relax have some fun and enjoy the banter between the guys, which is great because they got the original actors to do the voiceovers. Fun, spooky shenanigans fitting for the season.
  10. Got a raise this week, only been at my current job about 5 months
  11. Requested a long weekend off of work about a month ago, had plans to go do fun stuff this weekend, instead I’m likely gonna spend most of it hanging around a hospital in support of my wife’s grandma and the family... I’m glad to support the family and be here for my wife, but damn this timing sucks. I’ve been putting in 6 day work weeks lately and was really looking forward to this long weekend... Also hospitals give me anxiety. Fuck cancer.
  12. jokerin phoenix was kinda creepy in that movie, i remember a creepy scene where it seemed like his character wanted to bang his sister... he did good job of making you hate him as the villain
  13. not sure why the banner link seems to skip to the scorn track, should let you rewind to hear the whole mix though...
  14. I pretty much agree with baph. This album just sounds uninspired to me and I find it a chore to get through. I still dig the old stuff but these long drawn out jams kinda build to nothing too often, they kinda fell off after lateralus.
  15. https://birdsarentreal.com/
  16. Barker is lovely stuff, this album seems to continue from the debiasing EP. Lush vibes, good early morning ambient.
  17. Another one to look forward to, these guys are good shit.
  18. Awesome news, first album was really good.
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