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Atonal - Bridge (Cold Blow)


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Rather Aphexy album from Kieran Warren, marking his second release on Cold Blow (the first is Cithare) - the tracks on both releases are from 1990-1994, but they're worth your while. Highly recommended.

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A great discovery. All made from 1990 - 94. Sounds a lot like Selected Ambient Works vol 1 in places.

Here's what they say.

We are very proud to present to you Kieran’s debut album, following the 2020 EP “Cithare”. Just like the EP, this album consists entirely of tape archive material that he produced during the first few years of the 1990s. We have carefully edited long studio takes into album friendly pieces, and meticulously restored the sound which still retains some of the hiss and the patina of time, giving it its warm hue. Please, enjoy.


Also check out his other release which is great.

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