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Field Day 2022


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Surprised no one has mentioned this, I found out today from a geezer from work who asked if I was going. 

Kraftwerk 3D, Chemical Brothers, Squarepusher and Floating Points among others for £70 plus booking fee. Which seems like good value. I really enjoyed the last Field Day, nice atmosphere, good vibe crowd and weather was perfect. It’s a major mission to get to though, all the way from way, way west. Might get some friends from work to go….

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The venue they use now is nice, I went to the AllPoints festival a few years back and saw Jon Hopkins, Chemical Brothers, DMX Krew and Roisin Murphy.  Top day out actually, loads of sambuca and good food.   it will be a fun day, but I cannot go this year.  

We found a pub just around the corner from the park to have a cheeky few pints in beforehand and meet up, also did half decent food.  

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My only memory of Field Day was Fennesz playing on a very tiny table on far too large a stage whilst it rained, and him slowing inching his laptop further and further away from the front of the stage so as not to get the rain on his laptop & guitar setup !

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