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Studio Pics

Guest brianellis

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Guest Yggdrasil
cheers any bass guitar?
naw...my brother's the bassist, so i just have him over when i need a straight bassline recorded. but he's moving to seattle soon. :unhappy:


very nice work surface, furrybum. i'm jealous of all of the nice monitors around here. i have to use headphones or it drives the neighbors crazy.

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some pics i took since i got my 606 and 707 today













yea i keep my midi keyboard on the floor when i dont use it, i have way too little space


monitors and my inspiration posters




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Guest Mr. Magoo

nice doctor!


i would much like to hear a song made with a 707, 606, microkorg only!


nothing else, a song which is more basic or simple based(bass, lead,drums etc..)-not experimental

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Guest pantsonmyhead


custom desktop 2.8ghz athlon w/ 2 gigs of ram, delta 66 soundcard and omni I/O breakout box


laptop on the desk (toshiba satellite) 1.86ghz intel chip and 1.5 gigs of ram, dual monitor support for:


other monitor for posting and tv with heaphone out(for sampling vhs/dvd/games etc..)


ampeg cube bass amp


pre midi yamaha keyboard with auto arpeggio


line6 tap tremelo and echo park


yamaha dd3 peice of crap rhythm controller...


...thats bent to hell


alesis sr16, super chorus pedal and my bass (ibanaez soundgear)



my apologies for the poor webcam photo's...

ghetto eqipment with ghetto photography (i need money)

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Ermm far from complete as I need an actual interface, and monitors but...

G3 under desk. Soon to be server.

macbookPro on desk. Main thingy doer.

vestax turntables on desk. I suck at mixing.

Kurzweil K2500X keyboard/sampler/controller (wish it had 88 keys though)

Behringer compressor. Yet to be hooked up.

Crapped out Yorkville keyboard amp.





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Guest pantsonmyhead
Ermm far from complete as I need an actual interface, and monitors but...

G3 under desk. Soon to be server.

macbookPro on desk. Main thingy doer.

vestax turntables on desk. I suck at mixing.

Kurzweil K2500X keyboard/sampler/controller (wish it had 88 keys though)

Behringer compressor. Yet to be hooked up.

Crapped out Yorkville keyboard amp.


i love those kursweils

we have the rack ones at my school

fantastic fun

what are you sequencing it with or are you just playing it in?

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its broken


i dropped it like 500 times when i was in brighton, coz i put it inbetween my rucksak and back and it fell out and the last one cracked the negative battery wall off. i can work with a adapter but soon as you turn it off you loose all the samples, which is rather annoying.

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i left the reed organ at my friends house, which happens to be a 13 hour drive from here, so it's gone. the rest is the same since the last studio thread so here are the same pictures...


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    • By 714681746476436
      Hello everyone! I'm new to this community and would like to share some of my music.
      I've put a compilation of music on the web, a sort of sketch book or memoir. I've selected tracks I made that I think are unique enough to stand out.
      My main interest is in writing music in an organic and interesting way (interesting to me at least). All of these tracks are made purely on hardware devices - there are no VSTs or editing done on a DAW. I found that if I limit myself to the sound of what I own I'm much more content. I try to use the whole studio as a single musical instrument. Most of it is recorded live so I can 'hand automate' and tweak things.
      Some of it's techno, some of it's noisy, some of it's very minimalistic. Lots of dub vibe though
      I'm not really "into" production,  I prefer the warm, thick analog sound of the instruments without huge compression or EQ. Sonically it's quite starkly contrasted with modern technique. I like a lot of crackles and pops from the ageing gear, I like the sketchy demo quality sound.
      The website only really works on a desktop browser, but the audio will play on a mobile device. Some of he pieces are available on vinyl, but I think it's mostly sold out now.
      If anyone want's to dip their toe in, I'd recommend "Burro", "Barra" or "LAMIERA D'ACCIAIO" as starting points.
      I don't do SoundCloud or anything like that, so I hope this isn't against the rules.
      You can listen here: Lvcchesi.com
    • By BoomTssPhace
      What kind of headphones do you use/like the most? Any manufacturers in particular that have your constant nod of approval? What tends to bother you about headphones on the market nowadays?
      I've searched but (surprisingly) failed to find any discussion here dedicated to headphones. Been needing to pick up a new pair soon, and push has come to shove since my Denon headphones (would not recommend) are literally falling to pieces. Especially unsure which ones i want next since my uses have broadened (monitoring many machines at once, EQing, listening to records, general music listening-to). Only thing i know is that they must be over-the-ear
    • By Trilobot
      The past couple of days I've been fairly influenced by the Colundi Sequences and I wanted to figure out how on earth I was going to be able to play any of it. So I took the time to tune Harmor in order to do so.
      Basically I just adjusted the frequencies on Harmor while using a tuner. Sounds simple, but it took a couple hours to do so. I determined the frequencies by looking at the number chart in this interview with Aleksi (http://www.residentadvisor.net/feature.aspx?2567) and I just fiddled with the numbers until everything fit in a nice pattern. I've made a scale of 16 notes and I finished 6 octaves worth. It's about 99% accurate (Harmor has slight limitations where I can place markers on the map, but it's very close) and if you want higher pitches, increasing it with the freq knob keeps it fairly accurate. The freq differences are negligible and for the most part I'm not worried about it.
      I have no idea if Aleksi actually follows those numbers or not, this is just what I did for experimentation.
      I've put a link on the bottom to the preset plus some midi to help map out where the "C's" and "G's" are. If only 16 note keyboards existed (they probably do, Idk). I was pretty thorough making sure there weren't any bugs or anything, but anything is possible.
      If anybody has FL Studio and Harmor have fun experimenting!
    • Guest hawaii
      By Guest hawaii
      Good evening folks,
      let me say the title is meant to be a bit funny but I really have a problem with sampling sometimes.

      I do have a moniker where it's all about sampling but the 'style' of music I released thru this project is not really my thing at the end of the day.
      It was meant exactly to approach sampling but at the same time being "masked" behind an anonymous identity.

      I don't know how you feel about sampling, if you use samples from other people's music and how you use them.
      I sometime sample myself, from old tunes but I really CAN'T think of releasing a track where I sampled someone else's work.
      I know it's a mental block and / or limit , whatever.

      Is there anybody here who has or had in the past the same problem?
      I think if I would start sampling, my music could become more diverse and, maybe, even more "musical" and interesting.

      Hopefully this thread doesn't sound too fucked up / stupid

      Cheers guys!
    • By Lane Visitor
      Any one know anything about what he's used/his setup on any of his releases? Pretty surprised there's not already a thread on this... The Aphex Twin's studio pics don't really amount to much...
      For example:
      Surfing on Sine Waves..
      "hmm I think i read he used 3 in tape.. ssl board... lexicon verb.. ua compressor.. etc..."
      "hmmm Sounds like a Moog Voyager going into heavily driven tube pre's"
      "definitely sylenth, ableton and waves bundle..." (just kidding)
      Speculation also welcome... I'm assuming this will prob overlap into production a bit which is totally fine :D
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