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Guest AlexPallas

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Guest AlexPallas
i have the setlist, but thats not the question.

you asked if anyone had any info on this, so yes, it was the question. but who's counting ?

my bad, i need to know why there are two dates instead of just one.

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My info regarding these sets -




Check out a list of all BTTB-X-Sessions at http://www.vinylizer.net/bttb/xseries.htm . You can decide which sessions you want to hear again. Just send a mail to the Vinylizer and tell him the name of the dj and the airing date.


The first mix in this X-Classics-series comes from Luke Vibert aka Plug aka Wagon Christ. In 1999 he wanted to do a 1hr-mix for BTTB, but after finishing it he decided to do a second hour, because his musical spectrum is too broad to fit into one hour. So he made a General Mix and a HipHop Mix. Both mixes are wicked and well worth listening to even after eight years.


BTTB - Back To The Basics

more info: http://www.vinylizer.net



BTTB-X-Series: Luke Vibert's General Mix

15.02.2007: 22.00 Uhr, Tide

Luke Vibert - "Splitting The Mind" (No Info)

I Gres - "Hot Dog" (Globevision)

Fat Boys - "Human Beat Box" (WEA)

Henry Mancini - "Slow Hot Wind" (RCA)

Gang Starr - "Just To Get A Rep (acapella)" (Chrysalis 1991)

Cameo - "Flirt" (Casablanca)

Cylob - "Rewind" (Rephlex)

Egyptian Lover - "Los Angeles" (Egyptian Empire)

Level 42 - "Starchild" (No Info)

Yello - "Bostich" (Vertigo)

Luke Vibert - "Not Yet Broken" (No Info)

Tyree - "Acid Over" (FFRR)

Suburban Knight - "The Worlds" (Transmat)

Bros - "I O U Nothing (acapella)" (CBS)

Meat Beat Manifesto - "I Am Electro (DHS Remix)" (Play It Again Sam)

Drexciya - "Bang Bang" (UR)

Ryuichi Sakamoto - "Participation Mystique" (Island)

Cylob - "Sex Machine" (Rephlex)

Kraftwerk - "Numbers" (EMI)

Peter Thomas - "Space Patrol" (Bavaria)

OC - "Times Up (acapella)" (Wild Pitch)

L-Fudge - "Show Me Gratitude (inst.)" (Rawkus)

Wagon Christ - "Breakage No. 2" (Virgin)



BTTB-X-Series: Luke Vibert's HipHop Mix

15.02.2007: 23.00 Uhr, Tide

Gang Starr - "Robbin' Hood Theory" (EMI)

J-Live - "Braggin' Writes" (Raw Shack)

KRS-1 - "A Friend" (Jive)

The High & The Mighty - "Mind, Soul & Body" (Eastern Conference)

MF Grimm feat. B1 - "Emotions" (Day By Day)

Mos Def / Shawn J. / Mike Zoot - "High Drama" (Guesswhyld)

Medina Green - "Fly La Lashe" (Rawkus)

Mos Def - "If You Can Huh You Can Hear!" (Rawkus)

El Da Sensei - "Under Pressure" (Guesswhyld)

Wizdom Life - "Stock Exchange" (Fruition)

Mos Def / Pharoe Monch / Rah Digga / A Butta & Talib Kweli - "Talkin' To You" (Rawkus)

Group Home - "12 o'clock" (Payday)

A Tribe Called Quest - "Bustas Lament" (Jive)

Blackstar - "Respiration" (Rawkus)

KMD - "What A African American Know" (Elektra)

A Tribe Called Quest - "Hot 4 U" (Jive)

Lafayette Afro Rock Band - "Hihache" (Musidisc)

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first batch of uploads:


2000-04-23 - Conne Island, Leipzig (with BJ Cole).mp3



2002-02-10 - The El Rey, Lost Angeles, USA (with BJ Cole).mp3



2001-05-05 - Smart Bar (Wagon Christ).mp3



2005-07-14 - 5 Days Off, Paradiso, Amsterdam (Part One).mp3



2005-07-14 - 5 Days Off, Paradiso, Amsterdam (Part Two).mp3


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Guest AlexPallas

thanx fish, keep an eye on the page with sets listed, below them if it says "audio: mp3 (uploading)" or something similar that means i already have the set.

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The Newcastle '98 show is comprised of mostly songs from the second Studio sessions disc. The notable exception being FlySwat.

Edited by Velazquez
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Guest AlexPallas

thnx for teh new stuff, i havent been linking because joyrex is implementing a new system this weekend for dls. keep em comin'!

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Guest AlexPallas

yes, of course.


this looks like it might be copywritten: luke vibert - presents soulcrap (cassette ministry cm2006-42 ltd)

if it was a release this one will not be upped.

Edited by AlexPallas
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The Soulcrap one is a bit of a weird one, it was put out quite recently but neither me or any of the Vibert heads can find any info on it. I don't think it was put out as a 12" or anything like that, it just started floating around Slsk a while ago. Def Luke's stuff though and a fine release!

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