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live deep fried fish


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Guest abusivegeorge

i forget if this is fish or not, but dont some animals fill themselves with nasty toxins if they get stressed out before they die?


That would be a seriously fucking lol if fish did this and those cunts drop fuckin dead.

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holy fuck the ethnocentrism in this thread is amazing.

I've eaten still living squid in Japan. You take the pieces off it's back. It's fucking surreal seeing the tentacles still moving.


that octopus dish in Oldboy is pretty good when you eat it properly. You can feel the suckers latching on to the roof of your mouth.

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the only way i can think of them doing this is making deep cuts into the flesh so the hot fat gets in around the meat during a short enough frying time to cook without cooking its innards, organs, brain, etc. sicksicksick.

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everybody does it so its fine then.....




how would you like me to take a piece of you off while you were

still alive and eat it in front of you.


better yet, how about i fry half your body while i laugh at you

and then will all just sit around and stare at you and prod you.




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You eat humans troon? wow. In my worldview that's a lot more extreme than eating fish.


The thing is, people from around the world have different worldviews. Some of those include things you might not agree with. Frankly, I'm glad of the differences, if the world was all fucking weepy North American high-schoolers it would suck balls.


I didn't say everybody did it. neither did Dr. Lopez. We both said that some people do it.

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