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People it is okay to hate...

Guest Conor74

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Hitler is pretty much agreed on as being the guy to hate.

Bush too.



Actually, most people in politics.



Over compensating macho men

The Village People


Oh fuck, I could go on forever. I pretty much wrote the book on hating people.

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all hipsters

all hippies

all art students

all graphic designers

all clark fans

lol guys, I just saw Deepex defending Clark for the 647th time, and this time I filmed him.





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You think it feels like shit? It doesn't bother me at all. But then, I don't think I really hate anyone, I just use the term really lightly.


Generally I think I couldn't hate someone unless I really knew them, when I run into people I don't like I always wonder what their "other side" is like, which they show to other people, sorta.

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