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Aphex with CS-80


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It doesn't really matter what aphex uses ..Im not sure if he knows this even. His ears are all that matters

Pretty sure his ears are LI-1071's

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Richard has used the CS-80 on every one of his tracks - he sits on it. it's his bestest ever seat.


on a side note, he actually rests his knob on the keys while he is browsing teh wattm and partaking of big guffaws. the jolly momentum of his bellows causes his prick to bob up and down on the keys, and this actually helps him come up with new tracks. i have it on good authority that this is how he composed material released under The Tuss

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i dunno how to embed soundcloud





i made this in about 20 mins using only sounds i programmed in cs-80 (the only arturia thing i like and own). I used 3 instances of cs-80 doing my best to use only what was on the real thing (function wise), one instance of dynamics, and 3 rverbs.



i have no idea if rdj owned one in 93/94, but who knows. I'm sure they have always been expensive, and there's no telling what richards income was like back then.


Basically, that thing can create a wide pallate of sounds, with the hpf in addition to lpf and all that yamaha goodness, there's no telling where he's used it.


Most the stuff on saw II (from what has been internets conspired) is prophet, matrix, dx7, and midiverb, etc. Most the sounds reek of a SEM but then again with that hpf on the cs-80, you can make those cold shrill analog - sequential circutis/oberheim sounds pretty easy too.

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bah i thought you meant the casio vl1




all the same, yes it is possible with just about anything and a reverb.




anyway, as for analord i dunno if the actual cs-80 envelopes are fast enough for the wonky stuff, but it could've been a number of pads.


i don't think rdj likes to talk about what synths he used on what b/c all in all you can get in the ballpark of similar sounds with just about any felxible synth, hardware or software. though stuff like 303's or the synthi a etc are harder to nail since they all varied in sound per unit anyway. Then there's the whole issue of synths w/o patch storage, etc etc.


Just like trent reznors giant wall of modular and awesome synths during the year zero era and the album just sounded like any synth in the world run thru a multitude of metasonix stuff.


and the fragile was mostly nord modular and nord lead sounds and guitars processed thru said nord modular and pro drools. Among a studio filled with awesome stuff.


having said all that though, i would love to know what rdj used one very song, just to know.


I still don't believe him when he said during the whole come to daddy era he was only using a laptop. i want screen shots!

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