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An Electronic Tribute To Antarctica - Various Artists


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I only heard a few tunes from the compilation so far. The bassline in Squee/Asymmetrical Head's collaboration is sick, just the way I like ambiance.

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This album is still awesome. I'm really loving Ice Shelf. It has so many cool ideas, all packed together into a concise piece. It just skips over all these great moments without pausing to show off. It's very nice.

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Hi there. Just a fun friendly update of some download statistics.


Total Downloads: 400 (+/- 10)


(Numbers adjusted for people that downloaded the mp3 and the flac)


Top Countries by bandwidth:

1. USA

2. Great Britain

3. Tie between Germany and Canada

4. "Other European countries"

5. Russia


Total Country List:



A few (not all) popular non WATMM referrals:








So, yay for this being such a great success and lot's of people hearing it. Servery delayed CD will be out soonish. It'll pop up when it's available. Had the artwork re-done and it looks fantastic. =D

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Did you ever get an official website going? I remember I was waiting to link a bunch of people to it, but never heard about it.

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The kara Karasu track has kept me from releasing it b.c the only contact I had for that person doesn't work anymore so I can't get a release. But the revival of this thread has made me not care so I guess I'll just do it aanyway. It has been ready for ages. We shall see.

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And will there be a page to link to?


I'd like to stick a link on my blog.


Just a simple page with a tracklisting and download link would do....

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