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An Electronic Tribute To Antarctica - Various Artists


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Direct Downloads


MP3 320k 232 Mb


FLAC 653 Mb



Free High Quality download for everyone. CD version still in the works, but for now, have a listen.

Disc 1:



1. William S. Braintree - Drygalski Ice Tongue

2. Adjective - Children of Montalva Base

3. Tuxekan - Dusk on the Plateau of Leng

4. Maskine - Is

5. Acidburp - Snowblower

6. Feta lol - Piccoleaux Calls to Me

7. New City 16 - Penguin Espousal

8. DeLyria - Terra Australis (Beneath the Ice)

9. Kara Karasu - Star Ocean

10. H.P. Sneakstep - Beneath the Ice

11. Katie Kilobyte feat. Open Boy - Noctilucent

12. Open Boy - Ice Shelf

13. Idiron - TerraNova (ExpeditionMix)

14. Koanotic - Lemaire Channel


Disc 2:


1. Beneboi - Rolling Tundra

2. This is The Sun - Rothera's Vipers

3. Asymmetrical Head and Maskine - Nimrod Expedition

4. SoapSkumm - Aunt Fartica

5. cubus - antuntica splosion

6. Root 5 - Crocodile Icefish

7. Bas Van Huizen - South Pole Sirens

8. DJ Handbrake - Wait Here For a Little While (and See What Happens)

9. Darekta - Crystal Void

10. Lascaille - Marooned





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sorry if I sound stupid, but this is a mix of various artists right? I've just never heard of any of them :P


It is a compilation. All of the artists involved each created their own original song specifically for the album.

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u are correct, i somehow reversed the two tracks when labeling the mp3s, my bad, thankfully i didn't on the flacs so it will continue to upload while i re-up the fixed mp3 version. :)

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Guest placidburp

Yeah! Both CDs are amazing! Well done Brandi for putting it all together for us! Will defo be buying it when it comes out proper!

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