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Atop's Media Roots Set 19 ▲▼


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Nommo Ogo - Chromomiasma

Asobi Seksu - Trails (Holy Other rmx)

Dr Strangeloop - World of Your Dreams

Ranvir Bass - You Are My Moon and My Moonlight Too

Brian English - Scatting Loons

Mr76ix - 2nd Thought

Kcinsu - Retraction

Exillon - Percussor

No UFO's - Freeze ï Drift

Identity Theft - Silent Calliope's Curse

Ryan Hemsworth - VLMNT

White Ring - Feather (Story of Isaac rmx)

Fluorescent Grey - Leaf-Laden Amber Hued GUI

Kossak - Mrs Crabcake

William Cody Watson - I Won't Let Them Through That Door




This is a Record Label Records drenched mix.


Listen to it.


Cover yourself in the ectoplasm that will ooze from your speakers.





Thanks for Listening.





Akkad the Orphic Priest


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araabMUZIK - Lift Off

SKYWLKR - Sidekick Chillen'

Clark - The Pining pt 1

Mr. 76ix - Lectric Lady

Steinvord - Cyg X-1

Lapalux - Gutter Glitter

Fluorescent Grey - Quebecoise Italo

No UFO's - Vertigo edit (K. Alexi)

Isengrind - Cygnus

M Geddes Gengras - Rebirth

Galaxy Toobin' - God's Day

Battles - Dominican Fade (Qluster rmx)

Lilacs & Champagne - Babbling Brooke

Inner Tube - Hardbodies

Robert Turman - Mind The Gap


please listen and raise your awareness of the more awesome things in life!!!!



This set is dedicated to those suffering through the senseless violence in Syria. I hope it ends soon!!!!



with love always and thanks for listening,



Akkad The Orphic Priest 777

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Nathan Fake - Old Light

Team Doyobi - The Luminous Image

Holy Other - Tense Past

Blue Daisy X Unknown Shapes - Bedtime Stories (Don't Stop)

Throwing Snow - Perca

Slugabed - Mountains Come Out of the Sky

Outer Space - 11:38

Hautlle - Feel Good Track of the Year

Yeasayer - Henrietta

Tinariwen - Tenere Taqhim Tossam (Four Tet rmx)

Lil Silva - Quest

Jam City - How We Relate to the Body

Keyboard Kid 206 - Live Righteous

Rustie - After Light (featuring Aluna George)

M Geddes Gengras - Air Solo

Tubeway Army - Praying to the Aliens

Animal Collective - Monkey Riches




get up in it.





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