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I think this is a good idea. That's how i see it done.


1. Find a curator. Someone who's ready to compile stuff on a schedule. Joyrex may officially bless him/her to do it under WATMM trademark. Otherwise, illegal broadcasting.

2. Everybody suggest themes for the podcast and its optimal format (length, periodicity, hosting platform).

Since we're already united around certain IDM figures, concept may be, for example, that everyone presents music they find to be unjustly deprived of attention on WATMM.

2. Curator makes a poll on what concept must be central for the podcast. Can be repeated after a while.

3. People declare their intention to participate to curator anytime.

4. Curator forms a schedule on chosen basis, say, once a week and controls output. WATMM Committee may decide on punishment for delays.

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Does anyone have any podcasts they listen to for new/good music?


I listen to a ton of talk podcasts, but the only music program I listen to is Headphone Commute.


The question I think is...is this podcast for us watmmers, or is it for the outside world so we can spread the message of the music we congregate around?

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Most ways this could go seem completely flawed.


But there's one way I could see it working. Someone could do periodic mixes of original watmm music, as a showcase. This might give new artists some publicity, and it would give new users an easier way to figure out which watmm members make music they like.


I couldn't see it working if it were anything more frequent then a monthly podcast.

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I run the FSOL message board and over the last year or so we've done 11 2-hour podcasts (the latest two are archived here - http://forum.watmm.com/topic/80549-terminal-radio-transmission-10-11/ ). For us it works as follows -


A batch of us make ~15 minute mixes

They then get collated and mulched together for a 2 hour set by a curator/someone who picks which mixes work best together

And finally one person does the artwork


When we first started I honestly didn't think it would work at all, but I was happy to be proved completely wrong. Obviously we have the privileged of having the coherent theme of FSOL inspired works, and music they've done on their 'transmissions' series, but I'm sure if a theme could be picked for each one you'd get stuff that'd work together nicely.

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I think a watmm talk podcast would be also great. I've had some irrationally hilarious conversations with pigster and his brother; it'd be funny to just record them as they are and chuck them on watmm.

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Guest Rulohead32

Podcasts sound fun at first, then later you realize it's a job you're doing for free.

I would do it for free if I didn't have a regular deadline. University requires some things not compatible with that.

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we could just text-to-speech it in real time and broadcast it over mixlr



I think a watmm talk podcast would be also great.



Yes. With a radio drama play based on chatmm logs.



i'm in for anything about our music

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Anyone who's willing to be a curator? Clearly there is some initial interest, so here's what i suggest:


WATMMcast of three different types. First one is focused on own music (YLC theme). Anyone could do a short retrospective compilation of their own stuff presented in a chronological order. Mixed or unmixed, with or without commentary.


Second type is the same but for DJs (WATMM mixes theme). Anyone could do a mix based on a certain concept, from obscure favourites to rare Autechre tracks.


Third type is misc (mainly GB and chatmm theme). Anyone who's willing to do a special issue. Could be hot topics or political discussion, chatmm drama, production tricks, anything you think you can transform into a program.


That way we can keep it coming once a week. The best place for hosting it, as far as i know, would be Mixcloud. No limit, can be embed, easy tracklisting etc.


I think length needs to be kept under 30-40 mins for the first two types. Basically, the shorter the better.


I don't really want to be a curator for this, as i'm new here and not familiar with the stuff happening outside of the new releases. But clearly all this needs is someone starting to invite and collect stuff. If there would be no interest, it will die, simple.

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I think a podcast would be a great idea (and I would be willing to host the podcasts here on WATMM) - I personally think the format should be a mixture of "the week/month that was" on WATMM (threads, issues, bannings(?), etc.), along with a spotlight on an artist picked from EKT and perhaps a 'top 10' tracks (it would be nice if we could vote on tracks to make the selection process easier - almost like a "Billboard Top 10" for WATMM).


If this were to become reality, we really should consider doing this 'right' - set up specific processes for who would be the voice of the podcast, who'd put it together (a person or persons), and also to review for content before it's published. Putting it in iTunes may be something else we consider as an option. It's a logical extension of our community, I think.

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