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Hip Hop (Boom Bap) - The Thread


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Posting here as someone who doesn't really listen to hiphop much. That new Eminem song caught my attention, I never got into eminem because the music side of it didn't really work for me although I appreciated the Dido one. But I always loved Abracadabra by Steve Miller, its like a primary school memory for me, I must have been about 8 when that came out. So this new Eminem track seems to hit a sweet spot for me of nostalgia and also that he's roughly the same age as me and in some ways this is a song about being 50 and coming to terms with old self and young self. The video is very well constructed goofy fun. And its interesting that Eminem can have such a big hit after so long - 32 million youtube hits in 3 days.

I dont normally watch reaction videos either but this one is really sweet in a way, just seeing the joy. No idea who this guy is but 2.3 million people have watched his reaction video.

Regards, zazen, who is slightly baffled as to how I've been earwormed by eminem

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