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Corn Cat - Ya Scrincho [2011]

vamos scorcho

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Guest hahathhat

the cover art is pretty ridiculous though: i was expecting the music to sound really cheap and for the lulz because of it but it's nicely done.

i feel it fits perfectly.


to me it seemed more about loud sensory data than cheap and for the lulz

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streamed the first track, loved it. :music: downloading now.


keep firing out the jams vamos, you're always surprising me with how drastically your sound changes and improves with each release


edit: yeah, this is amazing. big time groovin

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Listening first time right now. Digging this release so far!

Your stuff always sounds distinct to me, and like there is all sorts of stuff going on. Sometimes it feels like TOO MUCH STUFF for my ears to handle, but when it works (like this one does) it works quite well. Plus there are some nice hooks snuck in there holding it all together.

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