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A perplexing email

Solo Strike

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WATMM, I have LITERALLY no idea who this person is. I'm very confused. I do DJ, but I feel this may be slightly different to playing DJ Funk tracks until everyone is fed up of them. Did I agree to this drunk? I just don't know.


Help me draft a reply if you feel like it!

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Dreams about a P2P based forum where each post would be stored on n different user's hdd.

Pictures complex mathematical equations.

Envisages the possible end of censorship.

Gets excited at the idea of getting perplexed once in my life.

*jots idea down*

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Guest futuregirlfriend

babar, join #watmm on freenode. eaw has been telling everyone that she iced you back in june as part of a gang initiation.

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Guest hahathhat



he replied back to this saying he meant a reference RECORDING of the vocals, not the lyrics. i was going to record up the rap and send him a WAV but i never got around to it

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