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Cute Gun Pictures Thread

Guest unteleportedman

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Ooo. My girlfriends gun hairdryer gave me one hell of a shock recently, when I touched the bathroom faucet with my other hand while holding it. Blew the main fuse in our building. Looks like this. Don't buy.


Cute guns kill.

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that one is just downright ironic isn't it

peace signs

It isn't ironic it's just a strange coincidence.


Please learn the definition of the word "ironic".



he's mad at me because i'm a girl



I remember that Simpsons episode with the makeup blaster. Homer means well, even tho he doesn't always get it right.




Django muhfuckaz

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Guest abusivegeorge



I used to have a set of these, there were a few different models of gun and they were made by the Castle you could buy them from in Cornwall.

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