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Pye Corner Audio - Black Mill Tapes Vol. 4


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oh' thx u plees, it is downloadable now




i guess you mean the live performance. i thought you meant bmt 4 looool



heh, right; i was thinking that might be a bit ambiguous. i mirror yr enthusiasm

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I listened to it 5 times since last night, and it may be my favorite work of his. I hope BMT4 sounds like this.. he could've pressed this, and SOLD it as a live album. I would have paid good money for it.

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1. Transmission Five:The Old Place

2. Dystopian Vector Part One

3. Transmission Thirteen:Line of Sight

4. Electronic Rhythm Number Nine

5. Theme Number Seven

6. Electronic Rhythm Number Two

7. Electronic Rhythm Number Twelve

8. Transmission Nine:Black Light

9. Void Bound

10. Dystopian Vector Part Two

11. Evil Surrounds

12. Cont No Stop



Don't know if this is the entire tracklisting, but should be close to done.

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saw him perform a live show in

Oxford yesterday afternoon. A crowded upstairs room in a pub. The audience were really appreciative of his sound and he looked genuinely awed by the applause at the end. Brilliant stuff, he had me in a trance for it all apart from the last track which didn't quite sit right with the gloomy ambience he has built up.


There were tapes and vinyl of his for sale at the merch stand but I am skint.


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