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I would wear the fuck out of a bull wallet shirt.


same. someone print that shit!


I wouldn't even care that absolutely no one else irl would get it. like, there's being an Ae fan, which is rare enough, then being an Ae fan on WATMM, which is rarer than rare.



That's how western societies more and more work. Everybody won't care about the other one, because every single person has a raerer than rae :) interest. Don't think you are special at all.

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Ae-Hmagerd i just found this super awesome mix on fact magazine :w00t:



Odd, that should have embedded itself...


The 'new' (I say new, it's been here for about 3 years now) posting mode seems to randomly decide whether it'll embed a link correctly or not. Whereas the oldy fashioned one always works a charm, eg -


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Is this it?

Whoa! Lol, that could be it. It would be funny if after they had a cover with encoded numbers imbedded in it, the follow up EP looked to use the same system but instead it turns out all you have to do is squint.


Actually you can also read "exai" in Exai's cover. But yeah, this one looks pretty obvious, just look the large "___" before the E.





We did it, guys! :beer:


I know this is a bit late, but if you want to find something you're gonna find it everywhere, you could probably write exai on a random photo and it will look as if it really said exai.

I've always thought the thing in the upper left corner looks an A and the thing below it like a u.

I once made ulam spiral and wrote a bunch autechre-related words into it. Some of the shapes looked similar to the cover. It might just have been coincidence though.

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