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Pls recommend me a good/cheap MIDI interface


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I like make electronic musik just like The Aphex Twins please. Recommend me good cheap MIDI interace please?




P.S. I've had my eyes on the M-Audio/Midiman Midisport 2x2. I don't think I need anything more advanced than that to be honest. It's either a 2x2 interface or perhaps that Cirklon thing. Oh, I'm a Mac person.

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m audio fast track ultra is pretty unbeatable for the price, but if you don't need the audio side of it just make sure whatever midi interface you get supports sysex. most cheap ones cannot handled midi sysex so you can't alter the params of most synths


i bought a cheap midi interface. long story short, dont spend less than 20 bux on a midi interface or youre throwing your money away.


save up your pennies and buy the ESI M4U (i got the esi m4u xt) it works like a charm. its driverless for one sequencer, but the drivers are needed if you want to run multiple softwares to control your midi device http://www.esi-audio.com/products/m4uxt/

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Thanks for all your input. Food for thought. I have absolutely no idea what sysex means... MIDI is like a foreign language to me. Back in my days it was all about CV, gate and stuff.


ESI M4U seems like a nice one. Will check it out.

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