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DEFUNKT x Soundsystem Cultures Present: Hyperbole (12.18-12.19)


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Hey everyone! If you're in Houston this weekend for Day For Night, and looking for something to do after hours. Defunkt and Sound System Cultures have put together an amazing after-party with the following lineup: 

Night One:
>> Telefon Tel Aviv
>> Qebrus
>> Hitori Tori
>> cygnus
>> Dylan Cameron
>> Trax Rebo
>> Rose Croix
>> P.L.X.T.X
>> zvλd
>> Luuli
>> Ohr
>> Slacktivist
>> Easyjack
>> Samyaza
Night Two:
>> Richard Devine
>> Surachai
>> Daed
>> Shwex
>> Acid Jeep
>> Trip the Light
>> Five Step Path
>> Kona FM
>> Secret Recipe Music
>> Naudible
Single Day Pass - $20 / 2 Day Pass - $30
Vanguard Warehouse
7115 Harrisburg Blvd
Houston, TX 77011
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sooo... for clarification... is this like early am 18 & 19? as in, overnite saturday and sunday? or is it sunday (18) and monday nite (19)? 

Yes. This is, unequivocally, an afterparty. 

Saturday NIGHT and Sunday NIGHT.


AFTER the festival. This has been a source of confusion for people, but the dates are technically accurate. 


I just want it to be known to ANYONE reading this.

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wish i had seen hitori and telefon but was trash after afx's set. trip the light and devine were awesome modular sets on saturday

richard's second secret set was hiliarous/awesome

rad venue too. what was secret recipe music?

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i caught a good bit of the prefix show and on night 2 of hyperbole caught the tail end of trip the light and all of devine's set. seriously rocking modular sets from both. definitely looking into trip the light now. i just want to know what the fuck was up with that guy taking pics during richard's set because holy shit i would've broken that guy's camera at least. the flash was blinding if you were in the crowd and he was pointing it directly at richard less than a foot from his face. 

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Daed + zvλd live jam


That was seriously one of the most fun sets I'd ever played. One of those "Don't take yourself so seriously" types of moments. ;)

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