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Nathan Fake - Sunder EP

Soloman Tump

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Nathan Fake will release a brand new 4-track EP “Sunder” via Ninja Tune on 23rd February 2018. Methodologically and sonically very different to his 2016 album “Providence” which was characterised by crisp, widescreen sonics and meticulous arrangements, “Sunder” is rougher, more urgent and raw and definitively more beat-oriented, but retains the same warmth and emotive character.


“These four tracks are like snapshots captured in a single moment. They were all recorded on an old Marantz tape deck, Jupiter 6, broken Akai drum machine and a Yamaha Reface DX,” explains Nathan. “Basically just hitting record and seeing what happened, not worrying about making mistakes etc. There are no post-edits - they are left completely as they were recorded - so they're quite messy but I love that energy.”








If bought through Bandcamp, it shows 5 tracks rather than 4

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super lush  ! sounds like the old nathan fake , more simple ,straight forward and nostalgic (ok he sounds always nostalgic) but yeah very curious for the other tracks

also love the simple concept behind it


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^ still mixing down to tape, hell yeah


I found out a couple years ago about that, he was doing it long before it was trendy. luke abbott uses a cassette deck as well in his studio, a Nakamichi



The sample was pretty good


def, I liked his recent stuff in general, nice melodies and such, but diggin' the production of the Sunder EP

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sounds similar, but don't think it is. could be his personal remix of it though. and if that's what you meant, i guess i agree. but there's enough in it to be a nathan track which just happens to be inspired by vletrmx. the link is undeniably there, imo.


if released, i'll def buy.

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btw found this beautiful unreleased track

This is VLetermx21. Am I alone here? Different instrumentation and a (barely matched) beat but that's what it is. 


wow ít sounds indeed very similiar but it also could be a coincidence because the chords are progressing differently

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Sunder and Arcaibh are the best tunes after initial listen, great little EP

I lied, they are all belters. Serotonin Drops and Cloudswept are basically trance music, lush


love this ep, especially how nathan does not give a fuck about current music trends and perfect post production he just records it

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