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Champions League 2018-19


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Alright lads?

That time of year again.

Day 1 has some tasty looking matchups. Real-Roma, Liverpool-PSG, Inter-Spurs, Monaco-Atletico should all be good. City-Lyon could be good as well, depending on which Lyon team comes out.

Any favourites?

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I've been hard for way longer than 4 hours, but any suggestions of a doctor can get fucked.


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Yeah taking nothing away from Mane, but no idea what the fuck Neuer was thinking.

Also Bayern were largely shit, reflected in the fact that Liverpool actually scored ALL the goals in that match. Still, fair play to the scouse.

4 English clubs in the CL quarters, feels like 10 years ago.

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"I don't like football", but ending up watching that match made me reconsider my stanse.

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We were better than them over in Barcelona, we were better than them again tonight. Thoroughly deserved. Never in doubt. 


Barca were actually marginally better in the first half than last week, had more chances, though aside from the Alba one nothing where you'd say they had to score, brilliant save from Alisson. We were still very good though, pressed them to bits, when they had the ball it was mostly in their own third, and we had totally knackered them out by the 2nd half again, and had our own chances after the first went in. They were all at sea after we scored the 2nd. Had enough chances to put it beyond doubt, but was a very nervy last 20 mins. Messi made to look very ordinary around the park again, and thankfully his free kick attempt this time from almost the same place went straight into the wall. They're such diving cunts though, the minute things aren't going their way, the ref bought every one too, he was pretty shit. 2nd half they were so knackered though they even forgot how to dive.

Trent Alexander Arnold was phenomenal, slice of luck with the deflection on his centre for the 2nd, but the free kick was a thing of genius, hard to believe he's only 20. They were all so good though, hats off to the lot of them. Especially the wee hobbit and Origi, who've struggled to get chances but have contributed massively when called upon. Matip was really excellent again too, not the first time he's outshone Van Dijk at the back this season (who was still great himself).


Spurs are in really shite form at the moment and have too many key players out, so can't see them beating what seems to be a pretty good Ajax side. Still, 0-1 isn't an impossible hurdle, but I'd fancy us against either of them anyway.


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I'd probably prefer to have faced Ajax tbh, they're good going forward, but not the smartest of teams, and in both games they spent too long sitting back inviting pressure. We used to always beat Spurs, but their record against us has been getting better recently, the way have gone in these games though probably silly to be trying to make predictions.

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Harry Kane to score a hat trick only to be pipped by Origi slinging one in off his ass in the 93rd minute.

Sad for the Ajax boys, but can’t understand why they sat back at the start of the second half. 

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ridiculous theatre over 2games, jayzus,

BT had Jenas, Line-acre, Glen H all in emotional meltdown, one my brothers had to bail early twice on both games & missed the deciding goals

fuck knows, jumpers for goalposts

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Jenas was hilarious, he couldn't say anything after Lucas' third goal for about a good solid minute, he was just making these weird sounds.

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