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Tom DJing at David Lynch's Festival of Disruption


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Ahhhhhh I'd really like to go to that. But I'm going to the one in Manchester instead probs.

.. is he playing manchester soon?


Sorry no, I'm talking about the Lynch exhibition and related events in Manchester. 




I guess I went off on a tangent.  :emotawesomepm9:

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Aside form the Breezeblock sessions, where its a rough hodgepodge of  John-Peel-style tracks (zappa, punk, funk , gabba etc) and a smattering of his own, the only other DJ session I heard  was an old "Qball" set  - very bad quality(i might fish out of the archive) - but you can here some afx and at least one warp20 archive track the rest being Aphex-DJ playbook acid/techno/jungle.


It'd be nice if it was THAT style!

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He did a DJ+Bass set at Glade in 2007, phat scratch drop mixing of hard techno / gabba / breakcore, mostly on vinyl if memory serves correct... was brilliant.  Then went into a selection of his own stuff via laptop.


Following torrential rain and torrid apocalyptic conditions, the sun came out on Sunday evening and baked us all in the mud (hence why most people in the video are not moving)



Cannot find many good videos, mostly with poor sound.  nevermind.

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