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Streaming Music Survey/Questionnaire


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Hey y'all, I'm hoping I can get a few members to participate in this questionnaire I'm doing for an evening class. I'm a UX designer but I'm taking a class on research methodologies, since I have more of a design background. I'm conducting a few interviews about streaming music, and I'm in a bit of a pinch with conducting actual in-person interviews before tomorrow. In lieu of that, I'm hoping I can get a few participants to fill out this online questionnaire. It's all fill in the blank style, might take about 15 minutes, but feel free to skip any if not applicable. And if you want to share a photo of yourself taking the questionnaire, that'd be great too! ?




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19 minutes ago, donquixote said:

Yeah I was figuring you probably get a really mad skewed result from here.

probably this haha.  our lot who immerse ourselves in 8 hour autechre releases are slightly outside the habits of the majority of music listeners.  im also a never-stream curmudgeon (except at work internet radio like nts)

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