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  1. Aye. I need to sidechain that kick. And the last melody is shite too. But thanks!
  2. The latest effort in my humble quest to be the undisputed king of acid. https://soundcloud.com/alzado/lattice-acid
  3. This all good feedback. I’ve adding some additional baselines and other things. Thanks
  4. Yeah banging is the word I would use too. That reggae/dub sample and the synth that follows it are pretty epic. I’d love to hear that stabby synth be a little more up in my face. The girl moaning is a good sample too. Pretty old school house thing to do which is cool.
  5. That’s a strong statement and it’s undoubtedly true. I’d put it up there with Miles Davis’s A Kind of Blue among the greatest records ever recorded.
  6. Oh wow, I couldn't have asked for a better reaction. Thanks man.
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