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  1. The latest effort in my humble quest to be the undisputed king of acid. https://soundcloud.com/alzado/lattice-acid
  2. This all good feedback. I’ve adding some additional baselines and other things. Thanks
  3. Yeah banging is the word I would use too. That reggae/dub sample and the synth that follows it are pretty epic. I’d love to hear that stabby synth be a little more up in my face. The girl moaning is a good sample too. Pretty old school house thing to do which is cool.
  4. That’s a strong statement and it’s undoubtedly true. I’d put it up there with Miles Davis’s A Kind of Blue among the greatest records ever recorded.
  5. Oh wow, I couldn't have asked for a better reaction. Thanks man.
  6. hipster microgenre That's a dismissive way to put it. I'm from Chicago and some of the communities here are completely consumed by footwork. It's not my music but for some people it's pervasive throughout their culture -- far from hipster fodder.
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