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  1. I forgot to post this months ago, but I still have two unused download codes which includes sessions 1-4. Give me a shout here or PM me if interested!
  2. Depends on how quickly you can sell some of them individually, if you have valuable records that will be snapped up immediately, then I'd start there, then offer some of the slower items as part of a collection at discount. You would honestly be lucky to get someone to take the entire collection for even a quarter of its value, so I'd sell the most valuable individually, and then just sell the rest as a collection so the deficit isn't much. Easier said than done with 900 records, though!
  3. I've been waiting for so long for StephenG to surface again. Yay.
  4. The problem with Rather Ripped is that the absence of O'Rourke is blatant, and as a result, the whole thing sounds like a downgrade compared to Murray Street and Sonic Nurse. They fared better on The Eternal though, because of Ibold.
  5. One of my favourite SY tracks period. Especially the breakdown for the last verse.
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