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  1. For those not aware: https://wemerecords.com/shop/eod-present-¤-¤□-□-◙-◙-3lp-snowy-white-vinyl-pre-order/
  2. They’ve sold out according to their Facebook. All other copies went out to other retail/online stores. Bleep got 200 copies though, so I’m amazed those are all gone within a day.
  3. Japanese Telecom EP reissue is up for preorder: https://www.normanrecords.com/records/186527-japanese-telecom-japanese-telecom https://bleep.com/release/226269-japanese-telecom-japanese-telecom-ep
  4. Available to order now: https://www.vod-records.com/-1-432-700.htm
  5. They’re at their best here tbh. They’ve somehow refined the longform of NTS Sessions and the tightness of their traditional albums. SIGN is lush, but it’s worse off without this. Superb stuff.
  6. Instabought all, 45 reissue of Plantasia should be great. Not sure how much it will improve the listen considering the recording, but I’m in anyway.
  7. This and the prior two albums have been on repeat for the past couple of weeks. Amazed I never heard of them until now, because they’re right up my alley. Think I like them for the same reason I like American Football, except these guys are a lot more heavy handed.
  8. Never heard of this band until I saw this thread. Dope af. Not one bad track on this album.
  9. I have the vinyl releases, so don't need these. PM me and I'll fire them on. Edit 1: Oscillation 2 has been taken. Edit 2: Both codes are gone.
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