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  1. this is the post your most recent aardvark thread now
  2. looking forward to this one! shackleton is really at it right now, all his recent collaborative stuff was quite brilliant imho preview track here at the quietus Boomkat Product Review: Written and produced by Sam Shackleton and Waclaw Zimpel. Electronics, sequencing, and programming by Sam Shackleton. Alto clarinet, violin, harmonium, e-piano, organ, frame drum, percussions, lira, and monochord by Waclaw Zimpel "Sam Shackleton, returning to Cosmo Rhythmatic after his outing on the label as Tunes of Negation, and Polish clarinetist/multi-instrumentalist Wacław Zimpel have joined forces for this debut collaborative release. Both artists boast a track record of successful collaborative projects, the two have united after being introduced by mutual friends, in wake of a shared interest in minimalism and a broad set of influences rooted in different musical traditions. Joining Zimpel’s demanding multi-layered experience in avantgarde jazz with Shackleton’s mathematical, esoteric lyricism, the pair have used all the tools at their disposal, aiming at a new form of ritual trance music. This fierce fusion of styles brings out the very best in each other, showing unique clarity and force." https://boomkat.com/products/primal-forms
  3. anyone ever seen/read that book of his? i'm kinda intrigued... (though still, after all these years, i don't know if i find his stuff brilliant or utter bullshit. probably both.) https://www.timeless-shop.com/product/being-an-exposition-elucidation-of-an-eternal-work-halfer-trio/
  4. emus make the best sounds
  5. from over at the 4utechre thread: 4utechre: this twitch thing is a red herring don't be fooled ovalvoal: So when can we hear that recent new approach, then? ? 4utechre: idk warp saying last qtr 2020, but it depends on logistics which idk corona 4utechre: but its in progress
  6. today's track seems much more varied than the ones before, constantly morphing and evolving
  7. this is so good right now
  8. lol great, thx first entry for the obligatory upcoming album cover art speculation thread
  9. not a big fan of muslimgauze, but *z:f* remixing pan sonic? count me in! edit: just listened to the previews; the muslimgauze mixes don't sound too bad actually...
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