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  1. a series of 7-10 hip hop oriented 12''s (or 10"s to make it more exciting) featuring some good mcs, with instrumental version on the flipside; sth like rhythm&sound w/ the artist collectors edition vinyl comes with a nice folder for the singles, standard edition as a regular double cd/lp
  2. upcoming: Coil: Live Five (via ThighPaulSandra)
  3. pathetic to the point where one might really feel sorry for peterson. zizek even tries to help him make a point once in a while, but that guy obviously doesn't know the first thing about anything he tries to say. like someone getting in the ring with a professional heavy weight boxer after watching some self-defence tutorial on youtube.
  4. interesting thread on twitter on why it is particularly difficult to fight a church fire also:
  5. the daily mail has some pictures from inside the cathedral - from first look it seems less damaged then first expected. the outer structures too. and of course it is gonna be rebuild, but still... what a terrible loss
  6. jeez, if no-one else is gonna post it, here you go:
  7. I can't believe Vincent Price would lend his name to such a shoddy product.
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