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  1. someone ask him about the *zoviet:france* dats
  2. andrew mckenzie / the hafler trio https://toneglow.substack.com/p/0355-the-hafler-trio?s=r jim o`rourke https://toneglow.substack.com/p/014-jim-orourke?s=r
  3. idk maybe one could label people like hecker, yasunao tone or ryoji ikeda as 'computer music' and they are quite popular (or at least, known outside of academia)?
  4. remix album upcoming https://lustmord.bandcamp.com/album/the-others-lustmord-deconstructed
  5. out now https://oval.bandcamp.com/album/ovidono
  6. so, it seems there's a new oval album coming out in two days (dec. 23.). not much information on this one except some posts on popp's facebook/twitter accounts. let's say i'm cautiously optimistic as (judging from the short sample clips) there seems to be none of that shitty drum programming that ruined a lot of his later stuff for me. we'll see.
  7. out now: http://leafcutterjohn.com/forester-2022/
  8. ok, from the top of my head and i'm sure i'm forgetting a lot of stuff 'blue' gene tyranny - degrees of freedom found dilloway / dalt - lucy & aaron ora clementi - sylva sylvarum richard youngs - cxxi john cage - number pieces (apartment house) bonnie/sweeney - superwolves shackleton - departing like rivers jan st werner - polyarrythmia low - hey what
  9. He's also about to release a new version of his Forester software soon, preview looks/sounds pretty cool
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