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  1. out now https://oval.bandcamp.com/album/ovidono
  2. so, it seems there's a new oval album coming out in two days (dec. 23.). not much information on this one except some posts on popp's facebook/twitter accounts. let's say i'm cautiously optimistic as (judging from the short sample clips) there seems to be none of that shitty drum programming that ruined a lot of his later stuff for me. we'll see.
  3. out now: http://leafcutterjohn.com/forester-2022/
  4. ok, from the top of my head and i'm sure i'm forgetting a lot of stuff 'blue' gene tyranny - degrees of freedom found dilloway / dalt - lucy & aaron ora clementi - sylva sylvarum richard youngs - cxxi john cage - number pieces (apartment house) bonnie/sweeney - superwolves shackleton - departing like rivers jan st werner - polyarrythmia low - hey what
  5. He's also about to release a new version of his Forester software soon, preview looks/sounds pretty cool
  6. fuck yeah Fol4 i always thought there's a heavy Throbbing Gristle influence in that one, wouldn't sound out of place on some of the late period TG albums
  7. i always found my original pressing extremely heavy on the low end; especially in acroyear2 and 777 a lot of detail gets drowned in the bass. could be just my setup, but i actually prefer this one on cd/digital
  8. there's that 12 min ambient version of VL AL 5 they played on one of their radio shows
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