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  1. new jazzband content! upcoming album the people i love by steve lehman trio + craig taborn features a cover of q-play there's a short sample on boomkat - it's a rather loose interpretation, but they really capture the track's feeling imho. (further proof that oversteps is a jazz album at heart)
  2. well as i said, i wasn't too enthusiastic about it at first, and i'm still not 100% sure what to think of it, but my recent relistening made me appreciate it some more (on good headphones, which helped a lot i guess). one particular problem might be that the opening tracks are the weakest and make it kinda hard to get into this. plus one might say there is a certain overabundance of middle-aged white MOR-indie types on the line up here, which makes it a bit suspicious. on the plus side, i think the interplay of acoustic/instrumental and electronic elements works really well. I've always been a fan of that strain in their work and I'd say i generally prefer ambient/post-rock MoM to dancefloor MoM; and some of the tracks here would easily fit in on Idiology (my favourite). and i find the mixing and production in general extremely well done. I also enjoyed Paeanumnion quite a lot, which goes in a similar direction, have you heard that? new album is in the works too
  3. ok so i didn't like this at all when it came out, but relistening now... it's really good.
  4. dummy casual pt2 doesn't get the love it deserves. such a killer track
  5. let's just get back to calling it 'anal' again like it used to be in the old days
  6. Radiohemd The Bagles of Death Metal Prefap Sprout ZZ Mop The Milfs Davis Quintet
  7. no idea, but surely some sort of unfunny french action comedy... how about this one
  8. interesting article on the folk horror revival and it's broader theoretical implications: https://thebaffler.com/latest/children-of-the-wicker-man-millar-semley
  9. maybe bringing back the Nice Butts ThreadTM would help . they come for the butts, they stay for the music!
  10. ah come on, it's not all bad. first half is quite decent; the ending admittedly sucks though. still i kinda liked the god-creature. thx for the Robin Redbreast recommendation, that's a good one. check out PENDA'S FEN while you're at it (not exactly horror, but one of the best things the BBC ever produced imho) also skolimowski's THE SHOUT - surely the only one on the list that also has an electronic music composer protagonist MESSIAH OF EVIL is also great if you're willing to include the american backwood cultist horror subsubgenre
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