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  1. i like it, but i too usually find myself returning to tnt or standards when i'm in a tortoise mood. vibraphone tortoise > guitar tortoise
  2. seems they're booked for primavera 2021, too https://www.primaverasound.com/en/primavera-sound-barcelona-2021/autechre edit: 444th post!
  3. kieselguhr kid


    read 'em all, had nothing to add to the general consensus of underwhelmedment, quoted the post most poignantly expressing these feelings. nice to see you so easily amused though
  4. yeah, it's very close to the original... 4th track sounds like remixed oversteps material. either they sampled, or they are really good at emulating the AE sound. not complaining though. stumbled upon this on twitter via @frozenreeds
  5. this is quite good https://dingndents.bandcamp.com/album/pixcurve
  6. finally, their long awaited ace of base covers album! always knew they had it in them
  7. Vinyl is up for pre-order at my usual retailer in germany; that would save me the shipping costs i'd have to pay with bleep. says DL-code included there too - not sure though if this means mp3 AND wav formats
  8. new album upcoming; gonna start an own thread once more details are announced
  9. thx for the thread bump & the translations, interesting read... was just playing 'in the land of the blind' earlier today, which was the first album of his i heard (even before getting into pan/a/sonic) and is still an all-time favourite https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKtI6DyKnYmOFbFcZ0suj0_SLCs9a7UtW
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