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  1. vinyl arrived today, sounds fantastic
  2. track length is 3:44. according to someone on twitter
  3. autechre - live16/18, sign, plus shackleton/zimpel - primal forms jim o'rourke - shutting down here, steamroom 47 soft pink truth - shall we go on sinning matmos - the consuming flame silvia tarozzi - mi specchio e rifletto morton feldman - piano (played by philip thomas) (probably forgot some)
  4. Markus Popp will be streaming an OVAL live set on thursday 19th -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3rcjxpUMo4 "For his first ever live concert stream, Markus Popp aka Oval will debut a radically updated version of his 2020 album “Scis” (next-level beats, tons of new sounds & improvised parts)." - wasn't so much into his recent material, but will likely check this out
  5. just got my dispatch note from bleep
  6. apart from the MoM classics (~up to radical connector) i actually much prefer jan st. werner's solo stuff these days. he just did these audio-visual collabs with casey reas recently which are quite up my alley and 2003's SCRYPT is a fuckin glitch noise masterpiece
  7. being the strategic business genius he is, this will surely play out well
  8. found a long article about/review of AE's 2010-2020 output from a greek website which looks quite interesting - if there's anyone on board who can read the language, a brief sum up would be much appreciated!
  9. hamanda akka atta ratta dede bakka sanda atta ambo ose kakka rite eke banda atta rike didi asha ta
  10. another one from belgium (in vlaams, apparently)
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