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  1. Stellar work sir, thank you. The 'N'Vectif' tracks are far and away the best for me so far since 'Mucky Puppy'.
  2. This might in time become my favourite of the three (so far, hopefully). Would've liked to have ordered a t-shirt as well, but I can't see a 'fat twat' size option.
  3. Not been given a price yet. I'm hoping it isn't going to be prohibitive!
  4. Even as a Ziq newcomer a great big massive dump would please me no end. Failing that, a download button for Mucky Puppy would make me immensely happy for a while.
  5. # 4. And I'm sorry to say that includes me, although this is the first Colundi that I can't play physically (no problems with tape or MD). I imagine 8-track cartridge reel-to-reel are in the offing as well. And does it seem at all ominous that there hasn't yet been a simple CD yet?
  6. Can't fault the Goon's releases. Plus he's a Merseysider so I'm biased anyway.
  7. Finally ordered the vinyl, why did I dither?! Guaranteed classic.
  8. I have to confess I played a few seconds of the CD first before putting the vinyl on, just to check!
  9. I thought it'd sound ridiculous at 45rpm but actually it's not at all bad. Ace record at whatever speed, but I'm assuming the CD has the definitive speed.
  10. Put my name down for some of that. Sunken Foal is criminally underrated. Volume 1 was superb, 2 maybe slightly less so but worthy of anyone's attention. Have to admit I haven't been taken by the Press Charges stuff I've heard though. Maybe I'll have to just buy it and see if it sinks in.
  11. Just in case I'm not the only person living under a rock, Thom now has a Bandcamp page. There's also a new free download (but I imagine you've all played it to within an inch of its life by now): http://thomyorke.bandcamp.com/
  12. Genuinely pleased that it arrived, noone should be without Colundi at Christmas.
  13. Level 7 is even better than 6 for me. And I never thought I'd ever put a new MD release in my trusty old Sony deck again.
  14. Bandcamp I believe. If I recall correctly he said that there were going to be three volumes, all out before the end of the year.
  15. I love the whole thing of having to attain acolyte status to enter his site.
  16. Going to play this tonight. For free music he certainly seems to put a lot of effort into it, and he has yet to disappoint.
  17. There've been a few fairly warped videos made for FlyLo tracks. This Firth one is ace, puts me in mind of an extreme Terry Gilliam Python animation.
  18. I pre-ordered the vinyl from Bleep pretty much when it was first announced, and then the CD on Thursday. Both arrived yesterday, no problems. Just D/Led the gratis digital version, but the edits 12" isn't there yet. No Bleep hate from me. And the album, shit I still love it. Just need to get into 'There's A Distance In You' and ' Everlane'. 'Beacon' and 'Winter Linn' are beautiful.
  19. This is a fucking great album. The only tracks I can't be arsed with so far are the last two but I'm not going to give up on them just yet. Hope the Bonus Track Japan is worth the wait. The three tracks on side two gave me a proper aural boner.
  20. Well it's still some Freescha I didn't have before today. Thanks for the info! Perfect to burn to a mini CDr.
  21. (I meant MARCHROMT30A edit 2 96 there, of course!)
  22. I love this track more than many on the standard album. Best Bonus Track For Japan since MacQuarie Ridge for me.
  23. I'm with Bitroast 100%. I don't see any reason for albums around the 40 minute mark to be spread across four sides. It's a literal waste of vinyl.
  24. Thank you sir. Frances Castle herself told me mine was dispatched early, but then it was by second class. Reassuring to know I'm not the only one still waiting.
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