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  1. Oooh, the blue vinyl is luscious. Great album, he's got his sound off to a tee now. Possibly his best yet.
  2. As a late-comer I'm enjoying these vinyl reissues. For future releases I want more Cheshire though, damn it! My home county is steeped in folklore-type shit!
  3. Will buy as usual. Ghost Box releases remain unmissable.
  4. Ah, fuck it, this is my favourite album since 'Ambivalence Avenue'. I love how it veers from his current cheesy pop (which I love) right back to 'Fi' and 'Hand Cranked' in a heartbeat. The one track I was weary about during its intro was 'With The Thought Of Us', which grew on me in a matter of minutes. Just waiting for the Japanese CD now, 'Pretty Girls' sounds OK-ish from the preview I heard on iTunes Japan.
  5. Erm, Joyrex..... And maybe all is not lost, I'm chuffed to see things have picked up since my last post. "From this post forward" - but thank you for your support! Oh JR, you pedant! Surely coughing up BEFORE that post is even more reason to be rewarded?! Ah well, I'm just glad my pessimism was ill-founded.
  6. Erm, Joyrex..... And maybe all is not lost, I'm chuffed to see things have picked up since my last post.
  7. Anyone receive their vinyl yet? According to Bleep it's shipping 24.03.16. Looks like the CD isn't yet ready either - Bleep say expected shipping today, whereas Norman says it's due out 10.03.16. I love Skam, but I'm pissed off with their releases constantly being delayed. I wish they wouldn't bother announcing release dates as they almost never seem to meet them.
  8. To be fair to Chris Horne, he could've attempted to cash in at least a little bit on the BoC association over the years in order to promote his own music. I've coughed up for the Curio vinyl, but sadly it's looks doomed.
  9. Bleep emailed me about the vinyl being delayed (no surprise there), but assured me the download would be available from the 26th Feb. So where the fuck is it? I'm not a Bleep basher by habit, unlike for many people they've always been solid for me.
  10. Love the Curio stuff so just had to preorder this.
  11. RIP. Lots of fond old memories tangled up with 'Infinity'.
  12. Very much agree with the two previous posts. I can still remember hearing Deluxe in Piccadilly Records just prior to release and buying Scar there and then. Lots of good memories of these records. One bitch though: Starlust is vastly superior on the For Love EP, so much so that the version on Split sounds like a demo. It must be Robin Guthrie's production.
  13. Still showing as available. FFS grab one now or forever hold your peace!
  14. Had this a couple of weeks now, really enjoying it. I've got all of the original releases up until Lovelife when I lost interest in them, although I liked that album when I finally listened to it. Not sure how I feel about them putting out a new EP though.
  15. Bagged one from Bleep. It's vinyl, it's out on Skam. Now what's the betting it'll be delayed?
  16. I've been spamming my regular retailers like a bad'un for days now with no luck. I just know I'm going to miss this bastard though. *fires up Tor*
  17. Any releases involving Dunk Murphy are unmissable, and the last little thing he did as The Natural History Museum was rather lovely. Will grab.
  18. I swore blind I'd avoid this album, seeing as New Order were my 'first' band back when I was a kid and I didn't want my many rosy memories shat upon. Glad I did a U-turn and bought it in the end though. Ropey lyrics and cheesy pop are nowt new for NO and yeah, of course this sounds dated as hell in more than a few places. But it sounds like New Order which is all I wanted, being a geriatric old fart trapped in his past. If you wanted something new and groundbreaking you shouldn't even have bothered paying any attention in the first place.
  19. Not trying to be a dick, but nothing I've heard since 'Go' sounds like it's got any better. I loved the first three albums and think she's stupidly talented, just feel she can do so much better. And as an old man on these boards now, her and Deerhunter are the only things that make me care that 4AD still exist.
  20. I had high expectations of this album, I'm chuffed that they've been surpassed. Just want to get hold of the vinyls now.
  21. I am, rather predicatbly, impatiently waiting for the cassette and CD to arrive in the post. This series deserves a lot more hype than it seems to be getting.
  22. I'm surprised there hasn't been more of a response to this announcement. I plunged further into debt to preorder this without a second thought. If 'She Slays' is a little giveaway teaser then the album proper should be amazing. In fact, I just know it will be.
  23. And thank you again! Ordered this wihout hesitation. Still need to get into this album, but the vinyl will sit nicely alongside the Soul Mining box and Infected torture sleeve.
  24. I didn't think things could get any better than Level 7 until I heard 10, awesome. I've loved the seemingly increasing complexity with each level, almost as if the series is building up to Mental Union as some kind of prequel (I'm talking bollocks, I know). And is it a little strange that the only regular format not to host Colundi is the regular CD (if MU4 isn't part of the series)?
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