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  1. Can anyone report in on the Chicago set?
  2. https://hearthis.at/solidsoundfm/luke-vibert-interview-on-solidsoundfm/
  3. IDK wether to be grateful... or disappointed. The track is awesome, but if I'm not disappointed or angry, I would possibly be banished from WATMM for opposing views. @#$_&-+()/*"':;!?!;:'"*/)(+-&_$#@
  4. Ok so if you connect Hollywood, Manhattan, and Turin (which are some of the locations where the AFX logo has appeared) you get this: BUT... if you flip it upside down, you get half of the AFX logo. I drew the last leg here: So I think the next logo is gonna be around that area.
  5. I think I'm going into Manhattan next week so I'll to get a confirmation pic as long as someone doesn't beat me to it
  6. I'm really stoked that they announced the opener (FaltyDL) for the Good Room gig. I used to listen to him years ago and he's a huge fan of Vibert. He's dropped Plug tracks in his NYC Boiler Room gig and at other gigs as well. Gonna be a great show fo sho
  7. Congrats on the cassette guys. I'm really digging loas of tracks on here and the artwork looks like edible candy
  8. It's the new BOC album hidden in an Aphex album cunning geniuses
  9. Going number 2 and taking a shower right after
  10. I luv Aphex I luv Aphex Twin I luv u richurd.
  11. Looks like more tickets have been released get em quick https://www.funkhaus.events/produkte/127-tickets-aphex-twin-funkhaus-berlin-berlin-am-01-11-2018
  12. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/8461623/xxxtentacion-shot-miami
  13. It was good. The same thing as the Day for Night gig. Joanne Pollock performed unreleased stuff. Snares came out on the last track and blew the place wide open with a new Poemms track that I will be uploading imminently.
  14. I don't think tickets Are available yet for the Good Room gig. I just checked their website. But, if anyone needs a place to crash (again for Dr. Lopez) let me know. I have a place on Long Island.
  15. winner winner chicken dinner Count me in as well
  16. Worked out plane stuff a few days ago. Flying in with a friend from the states.
  17. Very exciting. I cannot wait to hear this unreleased Aphex Twin.
  18. If you can connect 2 and 2 together, then you’re qualified to tell that this is obviously a troll post.
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