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  1. This has been getting repeated listens from me. It's ear candy, in the good way
  2. Check out this excellent video for newDwns by 0F.digital collaborator Patricia Summers:
  3. This was a particularly moving album to me. The teaser can't quite do it justice as the nuances and the album progression really builds the impact, like Nil describes.
  4. Terrible. Rest In Peace. ❤️
  5. eczem

    draft 7.30

    Interesting. Draft is usually my favorite AE album, and I don't feel this way about it at all. I do have this exact complaint, however, about another one of my favorite albums from that era, Gridlock - Formless. I still love it in a way, but hard to not notice the dated sounds. Funny enough, I even compared it to Draft, saying Draft holds up better. Not sure what possessed me to write this tbh.
  6. Here's the entire αlive video playlist.
  7. We at 3OP are actively reviewing our thermal management policy upon release day. In the meantime, please enjoy this stellar recording.
  8. @modeyhas absolutely thrown down the gauntlet with this release. legit hot
  9. https://igloomag.com/profiles/synalegg-violynt-tropiqs-3op
  10. William Fields returns to 3OP, this time with Greek electronic musician and sound-designer Alex Retsis, aka Qebo. Recorded live in Athens during Summer 2021, what you hear was made using a selected hardware set and Fields’ own compositional system. And masterfully executed. αlive is a perfect blend of melodicism, rhythmic sophistication, playfulness, changing moods, fantastic sound design… the music here is incredibly organic. Fluid timbres, nuanced production, and the driving, skittering percussion you've come to expect from both of these artists, combine for an experience that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. When we listened to the result of this collaboration, we pretty much instantly knew we wanted to release it on 3OP. This was even before we knew it was recorded live on video. While there's nothing like being physically present for a performance, we hope the companion videos help to capture just how much this release embodies its name : αlive -E & n. released February 11, 2022 Performed and recorded live in Athens, Greece on August 11, 2021. Produced by Alex Retsis and William Fields, 2021-2022. Visuals by William Fields. Mastering by Nil Hartman Artwork by DEN Videos by Konstantinos Tsakmaz. The videos can be found here: https://threeop.bandcamp.com/ and here: https://www.3op.xyz/
  11. Yeah, this latest one is outstanding.
  12. https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/bc-f-22-gn
  13. Here's another hypnotic video from Synalegg for Misguidex Soor: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CY_hb21lLmP/ Also: https://threeop.bandcamp.com/video https://www.3op.xyz/
  14. Today is a good day for 3OP. We're super excited about this release, glad to have it out the wild. Thanks @dcom !!
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