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  1. my intro to la peste: nice blend of melodics in this one, very chilled compared to most of his other tracks
  2. awesome, gonna give this a listen today
  3. An absolute fucking behemoth of a track
  4. Yup, my desktop keyboard is 10 keyless as well and it doesn't slow me at all.
  5. chillin with a coffee and some youtube
  6. about to do some yardwork after i have a snack
  7. http://aminet.net/tree?path=mods https://modarchive.org/ i always recommend people interested in trackers to download amiga mods to see how the oldschool guys pushed so much sound out of 4/8 channels and a few hundred kb worth of samples.
  8. just realized i havent drank any water yet today, only a cup of coffee
  9. about to brush my teeth, stayed up a little later than i wanted to tonight
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