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  1. Hope this one is actually on his level, been a bit dissapointed with his newer work too, but I think a true artist has to go see all the paths in order to really appreciate and find his. And such,,,
  2. What a banger for sure will be an awesome release, 808 never lets down!
  3. Thank you :) I am trying to learn how to export the sounds from my dreams, its really fun but the sound there is somehow more muffled, where as here people like crisp hi Q-s and I am strugling how the final master should be. I am listening to your BC music and I really like your works.
  4. Only saw the message today, Thank you so much I hope to make more music like this soon. The tracks on BC took me ages to arrange and "master". I am trying to create my oun sound/style, but it's so hard not to sound like something already created. Thank you for you positive vibes! Those two I did lastnight and today after lunch on a live stream available here:  
  5. Dont wory too much about it, its a good idea, you can now get inside it even further and make the listener nod their f**** head to the beats. I am happy you welcome my CC. Good luck with the next one my friend!
  6. I think I can relate to this, it takes time(years) to not get caught up in the detail, which leads to a somewhat chaotic feel with no clear song stucture change. I go at it like this, I have an overall idea of what mood I want to bring out with the idea of the track, then on each 4-8 or 16 bars I change from intro to song idea 1, then silence, intro to part 2 and part 2 and so on until all the ideas in my head have a respective part in the track and have been exported from the mind. Then a couple of criticle listens with 2 days inbetween, be cause when you listen to a loop all day you start to remove the bass, or mids, as they stand out the most to the ears. Aftet a week of critical listening if you like it, it's done. Move on :D That's so hard for me tho. Or having a track be the same idea and just slightly morphing in and out is a good thing too. Depends on many things. Sory for the essay/
  7. I like the sounds, but its too chaotic for far too long, I was expecting to hear those sounds starting to get arranged in a breakbeat or some other known beat structure or pattern. The overall feel reminds me of a work by 8FM, or AE and I don't mean After Effects).
  8. Undone, Spiderman away from home, Blade 2, Ip man1, Enter the Dragon
  9. : ) Great work as always my dude! Sounds like SYRO. Your beats are improving even more!
  10. It's how many ms it takes for the sound to delay back to you, and there is also a volume setting too, but I am not refering to it here. The ms is more about timing of the effect, when it starts to kick in and for how long in ms, as far as the plug ins I use work. Hope this is clear?
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