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  1. I have been on your SC for quite long. Your music is an inspiration of mine and I do like to share it with my mere 300 followers. You got a style that suits my nerves and lifts the emptiness away. Keep it up daddy\
  2. Also I am making this album free to download:.seldt.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-consideration.Hope you enjoy listening to it.If you share with your circle that would mean the world to me.OK, bye now ;)
  3. https://soundcloud.com/andonhristovseldt/pif-5 . Made this with no intention at all, turned out fun to work on. Blips and Blops
  4. Hope this one is actually on his level, been a bit dissapointed with his newer work too, but I think a true artist has to go see all the paths in order to really appreciate and find his. And such,,,
  5. What a banger for sure will be an awesome release, 808 never lets down!
  6. Thank you :) I am trying to learn how to export the sounds from my dreams, its really fun but the sound there is somehow more muffled, where as here people like crisp hi Q-s and I am strugling how the final master should be. I am listening to your BC music and I really like your works.
  7. Only saw the message today, Thank you so much I hope to make more music like this soon. The tracks on BC took me ages to arrange and "master". I am trying to create my oun sound/style, but it's so hard not to sound like something already created. Thank you for you positive vibes! Those two I did lastnight and today after lunch on a live stream available here:  
  8. Dont wory too much about it, its a good idea, you can now get inside it even further and make the listener nod their f**** head to the beats. I am happy you welcome my CC. Good luck with the next one my friend!
  9. I think I can relate to this, it takes time(years) to not get caught up in the detail, which leads to a somewhat chaotic feel with no clear song stucture change. I go at it like this, I have an overall idea of what mood I want to bring out with the idea of the track, then on each 4-8 or 16 bars I change from intro to song idea 1, then silence, intro to part 2 and part 2 and so on until all the ideas in my head have a respective part in the track and have been exported from the mind. Then a couple of criticle listens with 2 days inbetween, be cause when you listen to a loop all day you start to remove the bass, or mids, as they stand out the most to the ears. Aftet a week of critical listening if you like it, it's done. Move on :D That's so hard for me tho. Or having a track be the same idea and just slightly morphing in and out is a good thing too. Depends on many things. Sory for the essay/
  10. I like the sounds, but its too chaotic for far too long, I was expecting to hear those sounds starting to get arranged in a breakbeat or some other known beat structure or pattern. The overall feel reminds me of a work by 8FM, or AE and I don't mean After Effects).
  11. Undone, Spiderman away from home, Blade 2, Ip man1, Enter the Dragon
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