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  1. Can we delete this thread and all listen to Gantz Graf again? Damn.
  2. The track opens with 3 seconds of experimental bruh
  3. Versi on loop for days. Fuck this is good.
  4. /shrug There were some decent tunes before he became mentally ill // an internet meme // full blown retarded. Personally, I only really like a few of the tunes from 808s & Heartbreaks, but even then, Kid Cudi and co were doing it better. He's just a spectacle. Same as his wife, or his buddy Trump. I don't even know why this thread is on watmm frankly. ;{
  5. Welcome to the club. Playing Species of the Pod weekly for like 15 years...
  6. It's a decent listen.. https://pitchfork.com/news/burial-and-the-bug-drop-new-ep-listen/
  7. I don't even know why people bother with comparing new singles to the 2004-2006 albums. They're different things. 'Lightning in a Bottle' is an apt comparison. These are still fucking good tracks, but in another 12 years people will still just be talking about the two albums... In isolation, Claustro is a good record.
  8. https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/7xgedq/kevin-richard-martin-sirens-interview-stream
  9. good comparison! this shit is bangin..
  10. "Easily as good as old AFX"..... wowwers, someone smoking that crackrock
  11. https://k7-records.k7store.com/release/100845-forest-swords-dj-kicks-forest-swords
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