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  1. His good stuff is great, mainly earlier stuff. His updates of Oxygen and Equinox are decent but definitely lack the soul and flow of his early classics, not as inspired.
  2. Looking forward to giving this a listen. It's great that they are having a half price sale right now, will buy a few things for sure.
  3. I really rate this album, thought it was more consistent than Caramel, will check his new E.P out.
  4. Would love some new stuff from him, or new old stuff. Either way I would welcome it. Bring on the music Bambi.
  5. Yes I have that digitally, it's got some good tracks on for sure, I did prefer the Earthbeat compilation overall with tracks like Yage's tracks Quazi - Coda Coma - Theme from Hot Burst & the above tracks from this E.P. I suspect they probably have some more early tracks sitting in the archive, judging from how much music they make in general.
  6. I also own these already, but what a E.P, all 4 tracks are superb. I would love some unreleased tracks along these types, from before they became FSOL. Although some where straight up basic rave, tracks like these are a perfect balance of what they became when they turned into FSOL and full on danceable classy rave.
  7. Sounds like an interesting release, if it did come with one of the discs being a whole new album would be a real bonus, probably too much to hope for.
  8. I would love an album of tracks like the Stare Through EP, was a gem.
  9. I have given this several listens now and its actually pretty good, the second half of the album is way better, and the instrumental vesions of some tracks work better. Isle of Horns, Other Blue Worlds, Dougnuts Forever, Easy on the Onions, Ununited States and Sould Planet are all good tracks IMO. I also loved the Cow now chillout album. The Orb are at their best when they do the more atmospheric out there music and not the conventional watered down stuff.
  10. Just giving Named a third listen, its getting better and better each listen, I'd say its on a par with Ceephax's Camelot Arcade album, which IMO is his best yet.
  11. Will give it a listen, I also wish he'd go back to fully fleshed out stuff like his first 3 albums, they were great, got under my skin.
  12. Just listening to this for the first time, its great, very moody.
  13. Like others have said, I think its a good album especially with the 2nd CD included, Glad to have the instrumental version of There Will Come a Time. I know Orbital are known for their spoken word bits but this track is better without it, Brian Cox just doesnt have the right voice to create the full atmosphere (he always sounds like someone doing an impersonation of himself).
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