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  1. Apart from the above mentioned, I'm sure I read in an interview that he started using an EM-U ESi 4000 sampler https://www.soundonsound.com/reviews/emu-esi4000 it certainly sounds like some of its filters are in use on Lunatic Harness.
  2. Can't say I have favourite eras, but peak releases would be Amber, Anvil Vapre EP, Envane EP, & Exai. I choose these as their most consistent and engaging releases IMO. I haven't heard most of the live stuff or the Plus/Sign albums yet, too much music backlog to get through. Autechre are definitely the best at wowing me over the years, they don't seem to have gone into cruise mode at all, and they are the best at actually releasing music consistently over the years. Strangely I think my least favourite phase of theirs would be Confield, Draft & Untitled, which seems to be at odds with many opinions on here, I get the sense many on here see it as their peak phase.
  3. Releases that are due or expected for 2021 Plaid EP ( they where due to release an EP a while ago, its overdue, plus maybe another album) Global Communication new album Autechre EP ( fair chance of an EP after the two albums) FSOL Environments 7 FSOL Archives 10 Portishead ( I heard they were in the studio recording ages ago) Christ ( he mentioned he was working on a new album some time ago) Aphex Twin ( could be new album or archives) Squarepusher - new album or archive BOC - new album or archive Biosphere - Angels Flight Clark - new album (there was talk he had a more club sounding album in the pipeline) Releases I would like to arrive in 2021 with no particular reason to expect they will other than wishful thinking Shadow Dancer (dont think they are known on here but there last album was top notch and that was 6 years ago) Orbital new album Mu-Ziq new album or archive release Hrdvsion - would love a new album EOD new album Rolando Simmons new album (he's matured his style and is very consitant now, plenty of EPs, time for another album, the last one was top rate) AFRODEUTSCHE would be interested to hear a second album
  4. Really looking forward to hearing this, heck of a line up.
  5. All his albums are great, some of his E.Ps are not my cuppa tea though, not so atmospheric. My favourite album of his is Hollow Earth https://ghostbox.greedbag.com/buy/hollow-earth-5/ which is like a more mature developed version of his form IMO. I'm glad that an artist is making some of their best stuff as they progress, as most tend to lose the real magic after time.
  6. Yes! Dropped out of nowhere, and a proper Jake Slazenger album next week as well! We just need an Aphex and BOC album release soon and it really will be a good year for releases.
  7. Looking forward to this! I didn't enjoy the last one with vocals so much, prefer the more focused electronic music he makes, gets more in the zone.
  8. I agree with the general feeling here that this is a step up from Traveller, that was decent IMO but I'm thinking this is top notch after 3 full listens.
  9. His good stuff is great, mainly earlier stuff. His updates of Oxygen and Equinox are decent but definitely lack the soul and flow of his early classics, not as inspired.
  10. Looking forward to giving this a listen. It's great that they are having a half price sale right now, will buy a few things for sure.
  11. I really rate this album, thought it was more consistent than Caramel, will check his new E.P out.
  12. Would love some new stuff from him, or new old stuff. Either way I would welcome it. Bring on the music Bambi.
  13. Yes I have that digitally, it's got some good tracks on for sure, I did prefer the Earthbeat compilation overall with tracks like Yage's tracks Quazi - Coda Coma - Theme from Hot Burst & the above tracks from this E.P. I suspect they probably have some more early tracks sitting in the archive, judging from how much music they make in general.
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