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  1. my "collapse T69" vid recorded from that show got removed as well from youtube with the very same message
  2. I've got the unedited recording by Audio Telepathy, it's only 13.5 gigs... let me know if you still need help obtaining this
  3. it's in stock in the bleep.com https://bleep.com/a-retail-opportunity just ordered.. ps. now in stock even in the Aphex store Just came here to say the same, I managed to nab one as well and shipping to the US
  4. yea whole thing does seem like a cash grab. kinda bs about the prints, links leaking and the shipping... kind of bummed all around, well done Bleep. guess I should have figured
  5. Waking up to this and thinking I may have to get something. *checks bank account Guess I am limited on what I'll be getting, but hey I'm sure they'll be on eBay later for a fair price....
  6. i think i know what you mean, that feeling was there on syro a bit. xmas_evet and marchrom have that classic afx vibe more than anything else for me, in terms of recent releases at least. it's coming in full force on collapse though for sure I remember flipping out at Day For Night when T69 was played in the rain. I had no idea what was going on. Figured it was an aphex track, but had no real idea. It was just chaos and yet obviously totally controlled. The video component, seeing all the stuff I saw on those big stage screens kind of culled together, and added to with extreme intensity for a flattened out version, with a specific vision; just blew me away. guess I should be on the video thread. But this was more about hearing the song for the first time and feeling totally fucking fulfilled upon viewing the video. And sort of feeling the same way about it having that mind fuck element I really love about past work. To me this track is like hearing Bucephalus Bouncing Ball for the first time. It just kind stopped me dead in my trax. This has a similar syncopation style and rhythmic structure in the break down and is quite astonishing to hear upon multiple listens in a row.
  7. I remember this, I had the original youtube videos ripped that ppl were uploading of these, and shortly after they got removed (wonder why) Speaking of live shows phudo...
  8. Should be interesting... hopefully he does put it up somewhere.
  9. 303 = acid :) Cool, That epic sound that for me has no real words, Except Acidic, Even though i can't describe Acid in it's self... Brain Scrambled, well done Bulk... I love you...Read the rules Page 666 and if you look at J3FF3R00's sig... 666 *cue X-Files theme
  10. looking as well. I thought I had the file on my laptop... Looked last month couldn't find. Took another stab and located it, here ya go: https://ufile.io/1pf72
  11. I've got a few random ones but not certainly all of them. We need to start a thread to piece it all together... (sounds like a lot of work but we've all been talking about these comments for a long time now)
  12. of course you did bro :p... hope you bought spare needles lol I dare not attempt a proper rip
  13. I've seen maybe 2-3 of these sold over the years. I did pick up a copy on eBay like 10 years ago for $50 US
  14. Yea have seen this auction for a bit now, check out his other 'picture discs'. Also this is labeled as '2 mixes for Cash' promo picture disc....
  15. hell yea that would be awfully nice of you phudo!
  16. I carried out a little game to move towards the center every time someone would go or come through the crowd past me, making use of their temporary pathway. Ended up at a pretty good spot, haha. Also fucking lol @ 7,5 euros for a 33 cl can of Lapin Kulta. Also, I couldn't believe how easy it was to dance and move around compared to Houston. We got to the front center by the halfway point of the show. The sound in the tent was crystal clear as well. Apparently, they put in more money into the tents this year and got proper acoustic panels for the top and side of the tent. Cool to hear, sounds like a great time. Gonna have to take a listen to this later on when I get a chance
  17. nice did you go to all events or did you spend money on discogs? Well... PBoD, my roomy, got my Houston one while I queued at Day for Night I got the Field Day one for myself and Kattin2 Kattin2 got my Tech one in return but I could've gotten at the store a few weeks ago as I was in Detroit - met Todd at a gig though. He played three SC/New Aphex tracks! Hoping the cassette gets sold at Richies last billed gig this year - Helsinki next week - I'll be there with Kattin2 and WhitleyStriber! Then my cash totally runs the feck out! I didn't even think about the fact that the cassette could be sold at future events, kind of guessed it was Japan only deal, good luck to you no matter what they sell! Maybe I should send you some money for a shirt or something more realistic. BTW like the shirt / profile pic!
  18. what's weird is with this I did something I don't normally do, and I am somewhat OCD (ok definitely if you ask some) I made the tracks 13a - MARCHR.... and 13b End E2 don't know why but it seemed right for the time being all tracks/albums subject to change...
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