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  1. I went through Aria of Sorrow for the first time the other day after grabbing an odroid go ultra. Amazing if you want more SOTN which I perpetually do!
  2. I have the greatest of sympathies for both artists who make the same song over and over again or need to constantly reinvent themselves.
  3. Is there a piano roll/grid on that thing for making patterns or does everything need to be played in real time?
  4. I was told to not go plastic. Weekend WIP.
  5. Banging! Not really into house, but dug the playful energy and bass.
  6. Pretty funky! Dug arguing synths the most.
  7. Hey guys, its been a while! 2022 has been a pretty rough year for me. Artistically I've been a pretty big slump for a while. I don't know how or why but this song was written pretty quickly this weekend. Cheers!
  8. I don't need anything like this but I'll also be curious how well it does. I'm going to guess that the real market they were trying to crack was a portable mac audio interface. The defacto goto for years has been the Apollo Twin Duo which is about the same price, much bulkier, and only two channels. I know at least two people who own one. The fact that you can throw the TX-6 thing in your pocket and multi track record 6 channels at once is pretty cool. Synth groovebox features sorta just seem like bonuses to me (oh look we got some extra rom, lets toss a few PO algorithm in there!).
  9. A few: The FX router thing is the first I've seen in any Elektron. As expected you can p lock it. I always figured this was going to be standalone box. Both analog and digital voices in a single box Relatively (12) high voice count with modular selection of machines (Rytm was 8, MD was 16). All can be used as MIDI outs kinda like an OT. Unlike Rytm and MD, a large number of synth engines are dedicated to notes/melody/chords. 4 trig performance buttons per voice. Although its common for every Elektron to have some kinda performance mode, this one seems unique to the Syntakt.
  10. I really wish this thing had a sampler because for me the best part of the MD was the RAM and ROM machines. That being said, I still want one.
  11. Have we started talking about the syntakt yet? https://store.djtechtools.com/products/elektron-syntakt
  12. I realize this adds very little to this thread but I've achieved what I think is non random non linear by simply using multiple sequencers. A good example is MI Grids. Its a drum sequencer with 3 outs: Kick, snare, and hat. Its got a bunch of patterns programmed into it that you can sweep between. So take the kick and snare and route them to a kick and snare. But then take your hat and route it to a different sequencer's clock. Now this second sequencer has a non linear non random deterministic clock. Feed that to a bassline or something. As you mutate grids, the patterns for your kicks and snares and bassline will mutate and evolve. Now multiple this concept to even more sequencers and logic modules.
  13. Very nice! Good fun! How does it feel to have finally broken the writers block?
  14. I'm not wild about these songs but i'm glad they exist. I've listened to it about 5 times and fell asleep to it twice (on purpose).
  15. Four new acid1 tracks over in New & Upcoming Releases❤️
  16. I always figured it was a CD player connected to an eventide. Minidisk makes more sense!
  17. Hey, thanks for posting this! This is going to be my first release ever so I'm very, very excited! Also worth mentioning it was mastered by our own illustrious @Nil!
  18. I finally got one these and so far I absolutely love it. It is very high quality in everything from the screen, chassis, key caps, travel case etc. Coming from Renoise/Nerdseq the learning curve hasn't been that bad. I never tried LSDJ before. The web display mode is defintely the most surprising feature I didn't know I wanted. I can work on music on the go, then plug it into my computers to charge/continue working on music in a browser. I'm surprised how well thought out the sampling feature is. Its pretty easy to record a loop of audio from my modular or anything which accepts MIDI. Also the slicing feature is completely genius. The thing I am having a hard time wrapping my head around is song mode. Since phrases can have different lengths, getting things to line up and loop in the right order seems difficult unless I make all my phrases the same length (including empty patterns for "muted" tracks.
  19. Very nice! I would add more variability to the attack of your sounds.
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