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  1. These mixes are a gift. This one may be the best yet.
  2. No worries! Thank you so much!
  3. Sure would like to hear it! 😊
  4. Thanks!! Yeah, that's the link I'd saved and the file's gone now.
  5. Does anybody have a good link to dl this? Thanks!
  6. cebec


    A truly welcome surprise!
  7. We can stop refreshing: Artist pre-sale SOLD OUT, more tickets will become available Friday at 10am.
  8. What time will the General Sale tickets go on sale, Friday? Anyone know?
  9. I want to go with my wife -- that's how much I love her AND Aphex, and I've never seen him before!
  10. I, for one, would welcome the Analords back to the store in .flac
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