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Calum Gunn - Excessive Step (3OP003) OUT NOW


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Preview (the first 90 seconds of each track) :

Calum Gunn is a Scottish electronic musician and programmer based in Berlin, Germany. His sonic recordings and performances (as well as his label Conditional) are legendary, and we are beyond proud and excited to be able to release his tunes on 3OP.

Excessive Step is of the most exciting albums I've listened to in recent memory, and we sense it's a classic in the making. Experimental, yet accessible. Emotive and contemplative, but never really nostalgic. Crisp, digital, modern: very much computer music, yet quite organic and human as well. The sonic symbiosis of human and machine in realtime. A kind of cybernetic perfection.

On the surface, this is a wicked collection of pure bangers, Tidal Cycles based jams, and DJ applications. But we are confident you'll find this this to be a tantalizing and very cohesive album experience, filled with adventure and character. It's futuristic electro, yet we've found that Excessive Step has a timelessness to it.

We hope you enjoy this sonic journey as much as we have over the last few months of many, many listens. I feel lucky to have had this in my playlist up to now. It really is so much FUN to listen to.


Written and Performed by Calum Gunn
Mastered by Nil Hartman
Artwork by Andrew Bates

Absolute belter of an LP, a future classic IMO.


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  • Nil changed the title to Calum Gunn - Excessive Step (3OP003) OUT NOW

Thanks ! The whole LP is a collection of bangers hehe. I love it.

I bet Calciate can melt a dancefloor too.

Everyone might be my current favorite tune of the LP, though my pick is most likely to change frequently 😉

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Super hard for me to pick a favorite on this one. Lately it's been Hollow, and yea subject to change

On 11/6/2021 at 3:54 PM, Username said:

This whole album is great but I'll be damned if Cerelet isn't a certified banger.

A banger of bangers even

On 11/5/2021 at 9:16 AM, d-a-m-o said:

Stunning album, this dude is super talented !

100% ; so stoked to be able to release this

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