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  1. droid

    AI Art

    This one is nice.
  2. OK, theres a couple of ways, you can describe what you want added, or you can try 'expand image' or something similar. Id say that blur was from the word 'zoom'.
  3. droid

    AI Art

    More or less, with a few photographers and camera settings added in. Look at these guys.
  4. lol, I see Im not alone. Someone actually mentioned the gig in that thread. I should ask what happened with the promoters.
  5. Maybe he was just having a bad night, but I met probably every major artist from the WARP/Rephlex/SKAM axis back in the day and he was the only person who ever asked for the backstage to be cleared before a gig. Then he went onto play an hour or so of noise at the start of his set. In terms of soundness, Bola, Pole, Mira, Vibert and Keith Tenniswood were all super nice as well, and Ed DMX, he was over a fair few times.
  6. Dunno if you'd just walk up to them on the street and get a good reaction, but I met the lads a few times back in the day and found Rob and Sean to be super nice and easy going. Rich I only briefly met twice, but he seemed really nice as well. Tom Jenkinson was a total cunt and cylob got really leery after a few drinks.
  7. droid

    AI Art

    Its all about stable diffusion now.
  8. Dall-E 2 lets you inpaint and expand/zoom out of images.
  9. Blue Giant is an excellent manga about music, probably the best Ive read. I think the first 4 volumes are out in english, the sequel, less so.
  10. Sorry to hear that. I hope he has a positive outcome. Its appalling to think that there's probably about a 10% chance of a life changing condition everytime we catch covid, and we are expected to catch it multiple times a year. This cannot continue.
  11. Yeah, I hope the ears are OK. I met someone recently, mid 30s, double vaxxed at the time. Caught covid last september, had a terrible ear infection that never went away, and now has 60% hearing loss in one ear, terrible tinnitus and hyper acuity. The docs say they cant give him an implant or hearing aid because the inflammation is still there.
  12. Big fan of hell mountain, there's some great POV vids
  13. This dude has uploaded pretty much the entirety of the Deejay catalogue to YouTube, one of the foundation texts of jungle.
  14. Ah, this is a such a shock. She was instrumental in the development of chill out and electronica in the early 90s, one of those people who seamlessly facilitated communication and created networks with a seemingly effortless charm, and her music was uncompromising from the get-go. It took me years to really appreciate just how forward thinking it was, really unique sounding, even now. I can remember getting sent a load of records and promo stuff from WARP more or less unsolicited after meeting up at a gig in Dublin. Only chatted to her for a few hours but she came across as a very genuine and generous person. RIP
  15. Did anyone post this lowercase classic? https://sawako.bandcamp.com/album/hum
  16. New Minced Oath out on monday. Previews are lush as fuck.
  17. 25 years. Fuck. I remember it bringing this home from the shop and sticking it on the decks the day it came out. In many ways I think it's his strangest record.
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